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Accessories for Google cardboard VR headsets | Maxbox VR

Earphones accessories page
Earphones will block out the rest of the noise and leave the user with no choice but to accept VR as their new reality. They're a great addition to an order, especially if your content is high quality and you want to impress, the experience will be unforgettable
Headstraps accessories page
Head straps
The Maxbox VR head strap is an essential for VR viewing pleasure. It adds the ability for the user to go entirely hands free so they'll be lost in your content. Add a head strap for immersion!
Inner side print accessories page
Double sided print (inside printing)
Double sided printing will allow you to fully creative with your headsets. Usually the viewers are printed on the exterior, this let you print on the inside of the viewers too.
Nose and Forehead pads accessories page
Nose and Forehead pads
Nose and forehead pads will add additional comfort to the viewing experience and decrease visible sweat and grease.
Gift Box (custom print) accessories page
V2 gift box (Custom print)
V2 gift with a custom print is great as an additional protection for your units and having your branding on the outside makes it a great promotional item.
Spot UV accessories page
Spot UV Varnish
Spot UV Varnish adds a layer of gloss on top of matte film paper. It allows you to make certain areas of your design stand out and be the focus point of the headset.
Hotstamping Foiling accessories page
Foiling / Hotstamping
Foiling is the luxury print addition to make your design look like a work of art. It may fit with your brand or, you may just want to create something beautiful. But if it's something special you want, this is it.
Scratch and sniff sticker accessories page
Scratch and sniff sticker
Choose from a huge range of scents and make your VR goggles smell like your brand or promotion. It adds another dimension to your VR senses.
V3.1 Display Box accessories page
V3.1 Display box
The V3.1 Display box is a great tool for conferences and events or even retail. It allows you to show off your branded viewers and attract new customers!
NFC Tag accessories page
NFC tags
NFC tags are the perfect way to instantly navigate your users directly to the app or website to access your content. As soon as they put their phone inside the viewer, it'll direct them to your content.
Inner Sticky Pad accessories page
Inner sticky pad
Inner sticky pads are excellent for holding the mobile phone within the viewers, especially if you're expecting your users to be watching extreme content and they'll be thrashing around.
Non slip pad with instructions accessories page
Inner slip pad
The inner slip pads with instructions are for the V2 type models. They not only look great but both instruct the user on assembly and, keep the phone tight in place during usage.
Inserts accessories page
Inserts / leaflet
Inserts are like leaflets you can add inside the viewer. If you want to get a message across about your product, idea or service, let the user know!
Instructions stickers accessories page
Instruction stickers
Want to make sure that your users can't miss "how-to" assemble the viewers when they get them? If you want to do this for a low cost, add instructional stickers.
Outerbox for V2.0 accessories page
V2 gift box (plain)
The plain V2 Gift box is a great tool if you're giving your VR glasses to a special customer or client. It also helps to keep the unit safe whilst shipping.