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3 ways the new Google Cardboard beats the old cardboard

iPhone users can now join the party

With some fantastic announcements at Google I/O here's what the new Google Cardboard will mean for you:


1) It's even easier and quicker to assemble — it's a three-step process, which only took a few seconds to slip a Nexus 6 or an iPhone 6 in and start trying out the different VR options included in the Cardboard demo app.

2) Size matters — Google have made a small tweak to the design and packaging so it comes in a more compact brick like box, our estimates are at about 4.6*13.5* 6.7 cm. What does this mean? It can now fit the larger phones such as the Nexus 6.

3) There's also a new button — Instead of the old magnetic switch, the new one is a piece of conductive foam that works as the primary input device when using Cardboard, now it works with the iPhone as well as Android. A new SDK and Cardboard app means iOS is now fully supported. 

  • May 30, 2015
  • Fola Adejumo
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