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Welcome to Maxbox VR™, where we create premium virtual reality cardboard customized for your brand. Our products are the best option to advertise your company’s brand and logo at events, marketing campaigns, and giveaways. Our goal is to ensure your customers have an unforgettable experience with your brand. Headsets work with a majority of Android and iOS phones, giving your customers the opportunity to have an experience they’ll never forget. Contact us to learn how our team of designers can help you create a truly unique design for your headsets. Contact us to get started with the magic of VR, and learn about our wholesale product offerings.

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What is Maxbox VR?

Maxbox VR is the most one-of-a-kind solution for telling your brand’s story. Our custom VR glasses are created uniquely to your specifications, and are meant to convey a message about your brand’s universe to customers and fans. Whether it’s presenting new products, showing off real estate, or immersing users into a game, our custom Google cardboard VR glasses are created to have maximum impact on your customers.

Google certified

Google chose Maxbox VR as the place to buy VR glasses
Google Streetview named Maxbox VR as their recommended seller
Maxbox VR is made to order

Free custom design

At Maxbox VR, our designers work hard to make your VR cardboard exceptional, all for free. All of our headsets are made to order, and we ensure that your products are different from anything else on the market. We work one-on-one with your team to guarantee the message you are passing on is clear, innovative, and extraordinary. We ensure that you’re completely satisfied with you order, so that your customers can enjoy a truly new, fun, and inventive experience.
Maxbox VR is engaging

Customers loyalty

Our team is always working on ensuring your customers are kept coming back for more. We conducted an investigation that found that users are all the more eager to engage with your brand after to watching content related with your company– that’s why we do what we do. We know that the Maxbox VR experience can greatly increase customer loyalty and engagement. Our products are a great way for keeping your customers enticed, and are a unique way for ensuring they have an unforgettable experience related to your brand.
Maxbox is premium

We ship globally

Maxbox's VR cardboard are the most premium headsets in the business. We're focused on making our products as eco-friendly and high caliber as possible– the paper in your custom VR cardboard are FSC compliant. All of our suppliers comply with our ethics and recyclability requirements. Most of all, our headsets are beautifully crafted, and are printed with either 4 or 5 print settings, ensuring that your designs really pop from the headsets. Get started today and learn more about our premium offerings, and about our affordable wholesale options.

How custom is custom

Maxbox Google cardboard VR glasses are the highest quality in the industry. We’re extremely committed to keeping our products as environmentally sustainable and high quality as possible, which means the paper in your custom VR headsets are FSC certified. All of our suppliers comply with our ethics and recyclability requirements. Our commitment to you is to always deliver the best, most ethically sourced products to your door. Get started and find out about our wholesale & bulk pricing.

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Custom VR glasses service

V2.0 Standard
V2.0 Deluxe
V2.0 Adjustable


  • Take advantage of extras such as sticker instructions, inner sticky pad to hold phone, inner slip pad (similar as Google without instructions) and nose and forehead pads - Low cost VR experience – Fantastic for first timers
  • Conductive touch button, screen taps all smartphones
  • Fast assembly at 15 seconds
  • You can store the units away as it folds back into its sleeve
  • Fits new larger phones up to 5.5" e.g iPhone 7S plus


  • You can see these units in action here:
  • This unit counts with several extras: sticker instructions, inner sticky pad to hold phone, inner slip pad similar as Google without instructions (not compatible with AR hole) as well as nose and forehead pad and scratch n’ sniff stickers
  • You can take advantage of our single or double sided inserts to add more information about your project
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Free design services and 3D Mockups
  • Free shipping to all countries


  • Slightly larger packaging to accommodate adjustable lenses
  • Make your units stand out more by selecting high-end extras such as Foiling and Spot UV varnish
  • We use white high grade F-flute cardboard. Which is a grade higher than Google’s recommended E-flute cardboard
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Free design services and 3D mockups
  • You can see these units in action here:

Use Cases

From demoing a new product to providing an immersive brand experience, our clients use our VR cardboard for a wider range of use cases. No matter what you use our headsets for, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on your users.
Virtual visit

Immersive experience

Our VR cardboard is a great solution for taking your customers through a tour of a new location, country, or property and giving them an unforgettable, immersive experience.

Great for promotion

If you want to have the best swag at an event, then our VR cardboard will do just the trick. Our headsets are great to give out events and conferences, and we’re also great for brand activations, product releases, and media releases e.g. magazines and games.

Great for student recruitment

Colleges, universities, and schools of all age groups have started to use VR as an educational tool to teach about different topics, such as coding, history, and languages. Our VR cardboard is a great and affordable solution to bring this technology into classrooms.

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