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What is the quantity you're interested in?
(Our MOQ is 100 units)

Get a taste of our VR headsets with Krispy Kreme when you buy their doughnuts in Australia. Sniff out our custom goggles with Hormel foods when you buy their bacon in the USA – we even made the box smell of bacon! View our cardboard viewers when you watch the Jack Reacher movie (Tom Cruise) in Germany.

If you're need a single unit for your use, please visit our VR shop

Estimated production:*

Not available

*Estimated shipping time Worldwide is the following:
Express shipping: 5-7 business days
Sea freight shipping - 6-7 weeks

**If you’re ordering units with rush order or ordering more than 10000 units, please contact us

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What is the shipping location (country)
these units should arrive?

Are we shipping whole batch to one location or more?
(2 to 5 locations in the same country or different countries?)

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Are you interested in VR headsets for
mailout (flatpack) or hand out (pre-assembled)?

Pop-up is great for direct mail and has a better price point, Pre-assembled is a more robust unit.
They both work with iPhone/Android.

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Do you need higher quality material or lower quality?

Please note the models below are listed from higher to lower quality (left to right). E.g. V3.1 is the highest quality while VR Slim is the lowest for flatpack. As for pre-assembled these are listed by the price from highest to lowest e.g. V2.0 Deluxe has the highest price point.

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Would you like to have button or thumb tap hole?

Button versions - Flatpack: V2.1, Pre-assambled, V2.0 standard, V2.0 Deluxe, V2.5 adjustable.
Thumb tap hole versions: VR Slim, Nano VR, V3.1

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Would you like to include any extras?
(earbuds, leaflets, headstraps, gift box)

We offer a different variety of accessories suited for each model accordingly. You can select if you need anything extra to boost your VR cardboard visual appearance.

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Is this VR viewer compatible with my phone?

Our models fit devices with screen sizes between 4.7 inch to 6.0 inch. The of the phone edges sometimes will poke out on the sides of the viewer on 6+ inch phones, this actually gives a more immersive effect as all you can see is the screen and no phone edges. It’s how VR cardboard is meant to work.

Each cardboard model works with the vast majority of phones.
If you are interested in some specific model please use our compatibility table.

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Do you have any deadline date?

If you have a tight deadline date, please note we also offer rush order at extra cost to deliver the goods on time. However please note we can only shorten the production lead time, the shipping time will still vary depending on the location.

How to reach you?

Please leave all your details below in the form and our sales team will respond to you via e-mail as soon as possible. We mentain the whole conversation and discussion of the project through e-mail.