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Important Notice

Storing for up to 1 week

Beforehand: Ensure the room you are storing the viewers in has a very low humidity level. 40% - 43%rh is recommended. A room temp of 16°C or lower is recommended.
Step 1: You will want to remove all of the units from the boxes that they arrive in so they can breathe. Fresh circulating oxygen is good for paper product storage. Just make sure the room you leave the units in is dry. The oxygen will also help evaporate any moisture. Keep the units outside the outer boxes for a few days.

Storing for more than 1 week

Step 2: Firstly you will have to complete Step 1. After storing for more than 2 weeks, you will want to remove the outer clear wrap that the units come in. This ensures that the consumer product has enough circulation around the entire product to breathe. You may also want to purchase a desiccant such as silica gel packets and put them each individual unit. Keep the units outside the wrap and outer boxes for a few days.

Step 3: After steps 1 and 2, If you need to put the units back inside the boxes you can do so but cycle the units in and out of the boxes and wrap for maximum freshness.

We can't keep control of where you store the units, but please follow the steps above to keep maximum freshness and your high-quality viewers at their highest quality. Make sure to inform the relevant person in charge of storing the units of the above note. You can open the shipping boxes for the units to breath, but the freshness of the units depends on the storage of the room, this is why we suggest on these 3 steps for maximum freshness.

Once you've received your order you have 30 calendar days to verify the physical state of the viewers. After 30 calendar days, we will not be responsible if any damage is found on the viewers due to shipping or storage conditions. With your purchase please make sure to follow the storage instructions for the maximum freshness of the viewers.

If you don't have Pantone references for the colors printed on your design please note the final result could vary slightly due to several factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc (even if the order is double-sided printing, the same CMYK breakdown may come slightly different). Our production team prints in offset, therefore we are not able to control some factors without a reference to follow.