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Best Google Cardboard Apps to Download in 2019

It's finally that time of the year again! We're a few months into 2019 and the moment has come to bring you what we think are the best apps you need to try on your custom branded Google Cardboard.

1 vTime XR

This app’s tagline is very self explanatory. Download vTime XR and participate in this virtual reality social network for Google Cardboard. You’ll be able to meet new people, chat and share your photos.
The best parts are it’s cross-platform, so whether you’re using Cardboard, Occulus Go, Samsung VR or different hardware you can still connect with people from all around the world.

2 InMind 2 VR

This game, which reminds us of InCell, combines a bit of decision making strategy and neuroscience of the human brain. A head scratcher, right? :)
While taking a trip inside the carefully recreated human brain, you’ll help forge John’s future, a teenager becoming an adult. Be a part of John’s decision making and see how emotions can affect a person’s decision and subsequently their future!

3 Inception VR

This app brings you new content every week and partnerships with top publications like Associated Press, FashionTV, Pitchfork and Time Out.
You can take a trip through New York or London; see the master pieces from Salvador Dalí and Monet from the inside; or experience music like you are right there, at the center of the stage.
Travel under the sea with The Economist, walk with penguins from Birdlife, Inception has something for everyone, even fighting bunnies!

4 Netflix VR

We now that we might make a few eyebrows raise, or even generate a slight controversy calling Netflix the "movies & series giant", but this service which also includes documentaries and kid's shows has separated itself from it's competitors in 2 different ways:

  • It reaches more countries, making it easier for more users to access more content.
  • It has launched it's own VR version for watching movies, series, their original content and much more material you can find in their channel.
    While the app definitely has some polishing to do, we definitely think it's an experience worth trying.

5 YouTube VR

We know this app is certainly not new, but we still can't get over it. Having the ability to browse through their extensive video library and find the content that's right for you.
From music to nature, you can even watch game plays and trailers of the favourite and latest movies!
It's definitely an app worth downloading and we won't be taking this from our phones any time soon.

6 Sketchfab VR

With this app there are many things you can do, visit cities, go to a different time; but the best part is you can view 3D models come to life in VR! Follow your favourite creators to be the first to view their new 3D models!

7 Instamuseum

From the people in Sketchfab! Another awesome app. With Instamuseum you can turn your Instagram feed into a walk-in museum exhibition! All you need to do is set your Instagram account to public, use your login details, and in no time you'll be able to select from these 4 different galleries: standard white wall gallery, The Louvre, Wall and Cube to stroll through all your best snaps.

8 Google Expeditions

What originally started as a classroom app quickly became an all-time favourite for people of all ages, including us! This app has been in the VR scene for quite a long time, but luckily it has been updated only a few months ago in January 2019. It doesn't matter if you're not in school anymore, once you start using this app you'll turn into a student again, being guided through the wonders of the world. Go to places you've never seen like the desert or submerge underwater to see a coral reef!

Now that we've shared our favourite Google Cardboard apps for 2019 tell us, which ones do you like? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section below!