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10 Best Google Cardboard Apps to Download in 2018

Everyone’s got an opinion on everything. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong- and sometimes, well, it just really doesn’t matter, does it? Whether it’s the best food, the best film, the best colour, the best team or the best takeaway. So, not to be out-done, here is my opinion, in no particular order, on the best 10 Google Cardboard apps that are available to download this year. You might love some and hate others but, hey, it’s my opinion, right?

1 Star Wars

Of course, there had to be a Star Wars app- and, of course, it is a winner. It’s only to be expected really, isn’t it? Well, if you have seen the film, then there won’t be too much here to surprise you here, since it follows the film’s plot-line pretty closely. When you ‘enter’ the app, you become an undercover agent in the desert of Jakku. I won’t spoil the game- or the film, for any who’ve not seen it yet- by going into any detail, but seen in virtual reality, the app is challenging and all-round good fun.

2 YouTube

There is another big battle going on in the universe and it’s all about dominance in the field of the 360 degree video. On one side we have lined-up the vast array of technical talent behind YouTube, on the other that online behemoth, Facebook. And the latest word is that YouTube definitely has the edge. So, whether it’s virtual visits to your favourite art gallery- or your favourite Taylor- YouTube looks to have this one nailed.

3 Titans of Space

Despite the title, this app is not a spin-off from the latest Hollywood big budget science fiction spectacular- far from it. No, Titans of Space is all about bringing the reality of space ‘up close and personal’. It is, basically, a 1 to 1,000,000 VR scale model of neighbouring space. You get full control of where you’re going, how fast you’re going and there’s even a ‘drift correction’ facility to help keep you on the right track. You can compare the size of the planets with a soundtrack which adapts to the route you’re choosing. The app includes textual info and a narrated story that runs to nearly an hour. It runs on various VR devices, but was primarily designed for Google Cardboard.

4 Zombie Shooter VR (For Android and iOS)

This is a neat little freebie that does exactly what it says on the tin. If killing zombies turns you on, then this little app takes some beating. Basically you just…shoot zombies.

5 Final Kick VR

Final kick is all about football- as in soccer, not the one where everyone’s padded-up like Sponge Bob and spends most of the time not doing too much. You are one of the players and you do everything you’d expect you’d need to do to win the game- depending on whether you’re the Goalie or the Centre Forward, of course. Final Kick’s graphics are great and the whole thing works really well on Google Cardboard.

6 Expeditions

No groaning at the back, but Expeditions is classified under the educational section on Play Store. But never fear, it has a lot more going for it than your average geography lesson. You can go and explore places you’d never even dream of- and it’s all in wonderful VR. There are, currently, several hundred expeditions in the library, with more to follow on a regular basis. These guys’ll put the airlines out of business!

7 Google Cardboard Camera

Not surprisingly, there is a Google product in the listing. But this one really is one of my favourites. Along with capturing virtual reality pics, you can save your own 360 degree panorama with VR and so experience that whole great holiday mood again and again- or a match, or a concert or just a scenic walk. You’re not saving an image, you’re saving a memory. (I told you I really like this one!) Even just ‘still’ images will be captured with a level of 3D depth that is not really matched anywhere else on the market. And, funnily enough, it works particularly well on Google Cardboard.

8 Google Arts and Culture

Okay, maybe just one more little Google product. Whether it’s historical sites you’re interested in or the latest Monet exhibition, this app allows you to experience all elements of everything from close-up. Obviously, geography is not an issue, so the whole world of art is open to you. You can view by genre, by category, by date or just make the whole thing random. If you need a little guidance, then you can take a virtual tour around an historical site or a famous gallery. A bit of culture has never been so easily attained.

9 Androids Dream

But enough of all that serious stuff. This ‘unofficial’ app comes with a great price tag- it’s free- and has converted many people to the joys of mobile VR and to the joys of cardboard. Ok, it’s not the real Blade Runner, but it is inspired by the real Blade Runner. There are some really great graphics and the whole thing is a lot of fun. Check it out.

10 Wizard Academy VR

This is, basically, a learning game, but it’s a lot more than that. In a fantasy world you will battle against monstrous germs and win powers by answering such things as algebra questions. Your own mental powers will see you conquer labyrinths and as your skills improve- so does your knowledge base. It is a challenging game and gives full meaning to the term ‘Fun Learning’.

So, there’re my top 10- which will last until the next batch come out or I get bored with them through over-use.

Have fun!