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Bluff City Virtual Reality

As virtual reality arcades begin to spring up these past few years, we visited Memphis' first and only VR arcade, Bluff City Virtual Reality, to see what all the fuss is about.

And guess what? We can definitely say that something really cool has come to Memphis!! It's a family friendly virtual reality arcade with 4 Vive headsets that's super reasonably priced and crazy fun time! It feels so real in there and the people there rock! They are helpful and the different scenarios and games you can play there are so realistic!

Come and see it. They even offer reloadable gift cards. Coolness!! Definitely recommend 100%

Bluff City Virtual Reality Contact Info

Address: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Contact number: (901)585-5964
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BluffCityVR/
Website: http://www.bluffcityvr.com

Bluff City Virtual Reality Games and Experiences

TheBlu (Underwater Ocean Experience)
Irrational Exuberance (Outer Space Experience)


The Ranger: Lost Tribe (Sword and shield combat against fantasy creatures)


Emily Wants to Play (Haunted House)

1st Person Shooters:

Space Pirate Trainer (Sci-fi shooter)
Guns'n'Stories (Old West style shooter)
AZ Sunshine (Zombie 1st person shooter)
Deadly Hunter (fantasy/sci-fi bow shooter)


I Expect You To Die (Secret Agent trying to escape deadly situations. This is a very challenging game.)


Just in Time Incorporated (hilarious game- you're a superhero bodyguard and have to save your clients in slowmo)
Tilt Brush (Paint in VR)
Climbey (Climb to New Heights)
VR Funhouse (Carnival Style Games)
Richie's Plank Experience (Walk the plank on a sky scraper or fly with jet packs through the sky)
The Lab (Several minigames inside great for kids & adults)
Job Simulator (perform various jobs like chef and mechanic)
Cave Digger (Mine for Gold and gems)
Minecraft VR
Fruit Ninja (Slice and Dice Fruit with Swords)