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Creating Your Own QR Code For Google Cardboard

If you want to give one of your smartphone users a bit more information or a discount voucher or anything that they might want to download to their phone for future use, a QR code is the way to go. Short for Quick Response, they are the odd-looking black and white boxes that look like a confused bar code.

How do you make one for yourself? Well, the short answer is, you don’t. You go to a site that will generate it for you. So, step one is to choose your QR generator. There are a number of these sites, but just make sure you are using one that specifies its compatibility with whatever hardware you are using. For Google Cardboard, for example, it makes sense to use Google’s own QR Code generator, which enables the creation of your viewer profile and QR code - and to ensure that all apps are working maximally with your headset.

Then just:

  • Decide on your content
  • Enter the required data
  • Give the thing the look-and-feel you desire
  • Make sure it scans
  • Then you can just track ‘hits’

For the official Google Cardboard, these are the parameters you’ll need to complete the operation: