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Google Streetview | Maxbox Cardboard Virtual Reality

Google streetview is an incredible piece of technology. Many people use it throughout their lives. It has in many ways become an extension of the map. Now instead of looking for a simple map location of a new place we want to visit, using Google streetview we can see what the location actually looks like, giving us a feeling of familiarity around the area.

From a job interview to a new restaurant Google streetview can give you confidence in visiting a new area and improve you quality of life one journey at a time. However, what if streetview was not merely restricted to an informative role, what if it could also be immersive?

Google Cardboard
With the launch of Google cardboard in 2014 we began to see the rise of the latest technological leap. Virtual and Augmented reality. With the AR success of Pokémon Go, it is only natural that more and more people will want to dive into virtual reality. The whole concept of a virtual world is very intriguing and whilst we aren’t quite there yet, VR has some great benefits over traditional ways of consuming digital media.

The strongest benefit is the immersion. The VR device mutes out any background information and allows you to completely focus on the media you are consuming. If you watch a film in your living room, there’s all the elements in your room that can distract you, with a VR device, your living room can transform into a movie theatre and you can have a fully immersive film viewing experience.

VR isn’t just for watching movies or playing games though. VR has many different uses. Through Google streetview you can visit locations you previously thought you would never be able to. Visit the Eifel tower from the comfort of your living room, walk in time square whilst lying in bed. Now with Google cardboard and Google streetview, more of the world is accessible that previously you would not have seen. Say hello to virtual reality, say hello to the world.

Here at Maxbox VR we have two options for your Google streetview VR needs:

All of our cardboard VR devices are fully compatible with Google cardboard and are easy to assemble. The ease of use and low price point make them ideal for VR beginners.

Order In Bulk, With Customised Designs

At Maxbox VR we offer two options for your customised VR devices, which are fully compatible for Google streetview. By using cardboard designs we are able to keep the price low and make the device as easy to use as possible. Without the use of complex VR systems, our cardboard designs use your phone as a VR device. You don’t have to learn any complex new software, you’re already well versed in how your phone works and thus making the transition to VR through your Smartphone will be less of an obstacle and therefore allowing you to enjoy the immersive world of virtual reality much sooner than if you had to set up and learn a new system.

Officially Certified
We are officially WWGC certified by Google, that means our high quality, fully customisable designs are ideal for businesses or events. Your customisation is only hindered by your imagination. Would you like to show off the power of mobile VR? With Maxbox VR, you can.

If you’re interested in any of the custom VR options we have available, or if you have any questions then you can contact us at +44 (0)208 133 0824 (UK and Europe), or at +1 - 347-732-5314 for those within the US/rest of the world.