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360 GoPro Rig

Here's a free 360 Go Pro Rig You Can Download And 3D Print Right Now

360 GoPro rig
An unsung hero (Friloba) has came to the rescue of all the 360 video content creators out there who want to play ball without buying tons of latest expensive gear*.

This was originally uploaded to Thingiverse here by the lovely 360 rig fan for the masses.

If you don't have a 3D printer don't fret, you're in good hands. There are plenty of online services which will print the rig for you and send it directly to you for much less than they cost if you try to buy online.

Here are our favourite sites for 3D printing:

1) Shapeways - Shapeways.com

2) 3d Creation lab - 3dcreationlab.co.uk

3) Sculpteo - Sculpteo.com

What a time to be alive!

You will need multiple GoPro's (but everyone has one nowadays, surely you can meet up with your mates)