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Hype Oracle Virtual Reality Headset

With every major brand putting out their own Virtual Reality headset to the public, it was only a matter of time before other manufacturers started following suit. Google has released their Daydream, Samsung boasted their Gear VR and Oculus Rift, while HTC got the Vibe, and many more. That's why we're wondering, how good can a $16 virtual reality headset can be?

Hype Oracle Virtual Reality Headset Review

For a cheap price, Hype Oracle offers us a headset that features an affordable yet effective design, controls, and universal smartphone support. Considering its price, this headset offers quite an amount of features when compared to other more premium headsets. Moreover, it features an elastic headstrap and surprisingly comfortable memory foam padding around the viewer. Cool eh?

On top of the viewer, there you'll find the two adjustment options. One is for the focal point adjustment while the other is to adjust the lens distance inside the viewer. On the front of the device, there's a sliding door that will allow camera-enabled virtual reality apps to work as well.

On the side of the Oracle VR headset, you'll see a plastic device cartridge that holds the compatible smartphone with openings on both sides to allow earphone use.

Compatibility wise, this Oracle VR headset seems to work with both iOS and Android holding devices up to 3.9” wide and 6” high.

To put it plainly, the Oracle VR headset is actually quite ingenious. It is not perfect but it takes this very basic, inexpensive concept and turns it into a viable VR solution that actually works surprisingly well.

However, the device cartridge could be improved in order to provide a better protection to our precious smartphones (to avoid scratches), and the lack of buttons to control some VR apps makes it almost unusable (for these apps).

Final Remarks

While there are better and more expensive VR headsets out there in the market today, the Oracle VR headset from Hype is a great way to dive into the first wave of virtual reality apps and games! And for $16, what more could we ask for?