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In the virtual reality world, no big brand has done more to make virtual reality accessible for everyone than Google. Thanks to Google Cardboard, as well as a range of unique content they’ve created through YouTube, VR is very quickly becoming a normal part of our lives. Thanks to branded VR cardboard, businesses can give their loyal customers access to this new medium and use it as a great marketing technique as well.

Google’s recent announcement, Daydream, suggest that 2016 is going to be the biggest year for virtual reality to date.

What Is Google Daydream?

Daydream was announced during the Google I/O Developers’ Conference. It is a new platform for Android devices which will work to provide much easier access to all kinds of virtual reality content. There are three main ways in which Google are attempting to make this content more accessible and attractive to potential users.

1. Daydream-Ready Smartphones – Google are going to create a specification list which manufacturers need if they want their product to be labelled Daydream-ready. After the major impact Google Cardboard has had on the industry, as well as the big Google brand itself, manufacturers will definitely want to gain the company’s seal of approval on all of their future Android products.

2. A Clear Reference Design For Daydream Headsets – Just like with Branded VR Cardboard, multiple manufactures will build headsets for Daydream. However, all of these headsets need to meet Google’s standards of comfort, reliability and functionality.

3. A Hub For All VR Content – Daydream Home will function as a one-stop hub where any users can discover VR software or video content whilst wearing the headsets. This will create a much smoother way of using the technology and allow for greater immersion in the tech than ever before.

Why Do We Need Google Daydream When Branded VR Cardboard Works So Well?

Despite the high-levels of accessibility that branded VR cardboard has brought us, virtual reality remains a fragmented technology. It is available from a whole range of different places, including the Google Play Store, but it doesn’t have one, central location for all users to access. You often need to jump through several hoops in order to find VR-friendly videos, apps and more.

For Android owners at least, Google’s Daydream should solve that problem. Housing all VR content, from all kinds of developers, will enable users to find the perfect apps and videos for them. Big name brands as well as smaller and indie developers will stand next to each other and offer their content for the user to view or experience.

Daydream headsets are also going to be designed with much more stringent comfort rules and are more likely to resemble some higher-end alternatives already available. That doesn’t mean that branded VR cardboard is dead, however, as it will still provide an affordable way of accessing the best virtual reality content available today.

Gift Your Customers Virtual Reality Content, With Branded VR Cardboard

By creating and designing branded VR cardboard, you can give your customers access to the future of entertainment and marketing. VR tech is one of the most exciting innovations to take place in the last few decades, and it is certainly going to play an essential role in the future of content creation and entertainment.

For more information on the future of Google’s Cardboard, or to start designing your brand-focused VR cardboard today, get in touch with the Maxbox VR team on 0208 133 0824.