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Mailing capabilities and why to use VR Flatpack

Mailing capabilities and why to use Flatpack

When it comes to choosing what headset fits your project best there are many things to take into consideration: lenses quality, type of print, pricing… and how the viewers will be distributed.

Sure, pre-assembled is fantastic as a handout gift, but what can you do when your campaign is based on or requires direct mailing?Even though we love Pre-assembled we know they are not the most comfortable unit to stick in an envelope and send to a potential client. That’s when flatpacked units come to play.

We all know that, unfortunately, the postal service is a bit limited in terms of sending packages with specific sizes. And, if you didn’t know, well, now you do. If you take your Pre-assembled unit to the postal office you will be more likely forced to use an oversized box with an oversized price to send one small unit. However, if you take advantage of flatpacked units you will have no problem making the viewer reach its destination.

Maxbox VR offers different flatpacked options to meet your needs, with the same great quality for both lenses and print.

The bright side of flat packed units is not only its mailing capabilities but also its lower price. By giving the user the possibility to put together the units very quick and easily, you also get to save money, both on packaging and mailing.

All of our units are shipped with an outer clear plastic wrap. In some cases such as the V2.0 Deluxe and V2.0 with adjustable lenses, this might not be strong enough alone. Due to its dimensions, it comes up as a “small parcel”, in this case, you might want to use our optional outer boxes, or even a padded mailer to keep the Deluxe quality safe.