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Nano VR™ - The new VR headset by Maxbox VR

With the VR slim we did a great job. We had created the most compact VR viewer on the market, and for a long time, we were quite happy with it. But, a while back, we found ourselves feeling restless again. Could we take the concept further?

After a long time of designing and engineering with our production team we acheieved it!
We took the VR Slim as a model to create a whole new unit that's smaller and can fold almost entirely flat

Meet Nano VR! The newest addition to our VR family.

With Nano VR you'll save even more, which makes it perfect for low-budget, high-quantity orders.
And, if you're worried about the viewing experience fear not! With the Nano VR we use the same high quality 34 mm lenses that we use on all our other units, and it fits phones with screens of 4.7 to 5.4 inches.

It's outer case has a size of only 13.5 by 13.5 by 1.9cm, so be prepared to use it in your direct mail giveaways.

With an assembled size of 13 by 9.2 by 8.4cm and an assembly time of under 1 minute, this unit is so easy and comfortable that even a kid can assemble and use it!

And, one of the best features of this VR headset is that we can still print whatever you need on them, you'll receive the same high quality full color print on them showcasing your company's branding.

Visit Nano VR page to learn more.