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Nintendo Labo VR review

What happens when the worlds of carboard VR viewers and Nintendo Switch collide?

Nintendo Labo was originally launched back in April 2018, but if you've been browsing the tech news lately you'll notice that in the past few days there's been an increase on the Labo online chit-chat.
This is because just last week Nintendo dropped the ultimate Labo bomb: the VR kit.

Now, what do we now about this?

  • It's a VR kit that comes unassembled, which you put together.
  • It works in a similar way to the good old Google Cardboard.
  • It comes with five items that you can attach to the goggles: a blaster, a camera, a space viewer, a bird and an elephant (I know; weird, right?) A more simplified kit is also available; but, if possible, we recommend acquiring the entire kit for the full building and playing experience.
  • As anounced by Nintendo, you'll be able to enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, as they will be updated to support VR game mode with the Labo VR.

Since the Labo VR is aimed mainly at kids (but we're adults and still enjoyed it), one of the totally understandable concerns from parents (mostly) is if it won't cause eye strain to kids, and we're breaking this down in 2 points:

  • The game frequently tells you to take breaks to avoid any disconfort that could be caused by VR.
  • An adult should always supervise when a kid is using the Labo VR (and any other VR headset) to make sure they comply and take frequent breaks.

About the DYI side:
One of the aspects that makes this product a novelty is that it comes unassembled, this makes the product cheaper, and it's also a great project to work on with your little ones.
Even though it's rather time consuming, as there are many bits and pieces that need to come together just right; the building process is very easy and fun; you can follow interactive instructions which are very reader-friendly. A little kid might not be able to build the entire kit on his or her own, but it's a great group activity to engage in as a family.

A very important point to consider is that more games and features will be unlocked progressively as you build the items on the kit. While this is awesome because it keeps a veil of mistery - you'll discover more after you build each piece - it also means that if you only got around to using only the goggles then you don't have as many functions available and as much to explore, so we recommend building the entire kit before hand if you want to explore all the possibilities at once.

Our conclusion:
All in all, though some more hardcore VR users might find this VR viewer kit lacking a bit of technical and viewing quality, it's the perfect gift for the kids in your life; they'll be entertained and you will have spent time with them helping put together the pieces. With this product we're now 100% convinced this makes Nintendo great at creating experiences.