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Oculus Cuts price on Rift Business Bundle

Oculus Cuts Price on Rift Business Bundle

A few months ago, Oculus announced their ‘Oculus Rift for Business‘ bundle. This bundle comes with a warranty and license that's officially sanctioned for commercial use.

Just this week, they dropped the price of the "Oculus Rift for Business" bundle and announced availability in four new regions - China still isn’t on the list though.

HTC has began offering its own business bundle as well, and they call it the ‘Vive Business Edition’ costing for $1,200, back in mid 2016. It seems that it has taken a strong lead over Oculus in the out-of-home sector. It wasn’t until more than a year later that Oculus followed suit with their own business bundle: a Rift headset, Touch controllers, three sensors, extra face cushions, cables, preferential customer support, and a warranty & license allowing for commercial use.

The company announced a price cut of their Oculus Rift for Business bundle from $900 to $800, apparently this move is make them more competitive against the Vive Business Edition ($1,300) and Vive Pro ($1,600 for the full enterprise package).

Oculus is also shipping their business bundle to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan, in addition to 17 prior regions. This bundle won't be shipping in China, even though it has seen a lot of activity in the out-of-home VR space.

Oculus' business edition bundle would be a great way to start a virtual reality business. Up to this day, VR, as a business, is still a barely tapped frontier. Many gamers can't afford vr so to introduce vr as a business in small store fronts or malls would be excellent idea for startup companies.