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Sniper Rust VR

Sniper Rust VR Tests Your Sniping Skills

Developer Zatun has brought marksmanship into VR with the release of Sniper Rust VR! If you are you a cold-hearted VR head, and you want to improve your aim and your hand-eye coordination, then this is the game for you.

Sniper Rust VR is a globe-trotting VR game where you take the role of a sniper who need to put down an armed militia uprising that is taking place in various countries. Cool eh?

Sniper Rust VR Features

Cutting-edge Weaponry : Stalk your prey with a plethora of lethal firearms, pre-unlocked and crafted with attention to detail for an immersive VR experience.

Death-dealing enemy troops and vehicular combatants : Diverse enemy classes make every playable mission a challenge; be wary of well-concealed snipers, air/group assaults and traps behind enemy lines.

Photo-realistic environments : Although with multiple, varied objectives to complete on your adventure, there’ll hardly be time to take in the sights.

Orchestral auditory feedback : A John Leonard French soundtrack to please even the world’s best sharpshooter.

Sniper Rust VR Quick Review

Actually I am quite surprised as to really what's going on while I am playing the game. There's no information or whatsoever, and there's a number of logical holes that occur to you as you play, suh as questioning how exactly a militia group are operating in various countries with the kind of material support they apparently have.

The gameplay is pretty-straight forward - it is objective based. At the start of each level, you'll be given a series of tasks to complete, mostly people that you will need to kill or targets that you will need to blow up. The controls are quite decent, and fairly easy to pick up. However, it feels a little awkward to be wielding a sniper rifle with two Touch controllers.

The graphics are pretty good, but not photo realistic - which they claimed in their Steam page. The assets that they used don’t seem to always integrate or match very well. Moreover, the environments look generic and not that impressive. There's nothing special in the audio department, with repetitive enemy cries and gunfire sound.

The Sniper Rust VR is available on Steam for the Oculus Rift ($9.99). There is a demo available now on Steam that's free to download, which includes one complete level and access to the shooting range practice mode.

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