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VR Apps for Kids

The 4 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

If you’ve adopted Google Cardboard, the chances are your kids are desperate for a try. Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect apps for them, or you’re worried they might not react well to the initially strange experience, don’t worry! There is a range of child-friendly content you can introduce to your kids with Cardboard VR glasses.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out these great virtual reality apps for yourself!

The 4 Best Child-Friendly VR Apps

For any younger users of Cardboard VR Glasses, these apps promise a lot of fun, a lot of excitement and, potentially, a lot of learning.

1. Google’s Expeditions (Free) – Google’s Expeditions were previously limited to certain US schools, but it can now be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Thanks to this app, your kids can experience tours of a range of different places around the world, from the Antarctic to NYC and Buckingham Palace. They can even take tours inside the human body to learn how the many biological systems actually work.

2. Jurassic VR [Free, With In-App Purchases] – With this new app, your kids can experience what it is like to come up close and personal with dinosaurs. Taking the form of a Safari Park (think Jurassic Park, rather than Jurassic World) your kids will hop aboard a jeep that lets them actually meet dinosaurs of various types, including the fierce T-Rex. Jurassic Land will continue to be updated, with new sectors and new dinosaurs added over time.

3. Lamper Cardboard: First Flight [Free] – A great little video game designed specifically for cardboard VR glasses. The player takes on the form of a firefly and dodges obstacles by moving their head to control their flight. Lamper Cardboard: First Flight is probably best for those who are already comfortable with video games, but it’s easy to pickup and fun to play.

4. Froggy VR (Free, With In-App Purchases) – The bold graphics and cool audio make Froggy VR a really interesting experience for any up and coming VR user. In it, the player controls a small frog trying to get back to its home. In it, you need to fight off enemies and make it through various zones. It might not last too long, but it’s a fun and satisfying experience while it lasts.

Is VR Safe For Kids?

Most premium headsets come with an age warning, but that’s due to their weight more than anything else. With cardboard VR glasses, a lot of the danger has been taken away, but it is still important to make sure that your kids are supervised whilst using VR headsets. It’s also advised that their access to these devices is limited by frequent breaks. Otherwise, as with any other display technology, there is the risk of discomfort, eye strain or disorientation.

Choose Cardboard VR Glasses For A Safe, Fun Experience For Your Kids

Thanks to these headsets, you can let your kids gain access to a full range of online apps which can not only be entertaining, but which can help to teach them about the world around them as well. Thanks to the affordable price tag of Google Cardboard, there is also less of a risk of your kids irreparably damaging your headsets.

For more information on our cardboard VR glasses , get in touch with the Maxbox VR team today on 0208 133 0824 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.