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The Benefits of custom Google cardboard

The Benefits of Custom Google Cardboard

Custom-designed and printed Google Cardboard is a great addition to your marketing armoury. It is flexible, inexpensive and, above all, popular. There can’t be many give-aways that would be as gratefully received as this. In fact, the very act of your company utilizing Google Cardboard in this way is image-enhancing. It shows that you have a ‘finger on the pulse’ and have a bit more going on between your ears than the average proponent of calendars or the ballpoint pen. You are giving away something of genuine value. This builds value- and the value of the relationship you hope to build.

The Benefits of Custom Google Cardboard

  • You can choose to print on either brown or white cardboard.
  • The unit can be branded to your company with logo and company colours
  • Whatever the season or celebration, Google Cardboard can be printed to reflect its values or message
  • It appeals to all age-groups and there are existing templates to suit.
  • It is strong and fully bio-degradable.
  • Along with the company branding on the unit, you can include a VR app pertinent to your company’s offering.
  • Box design is flexible as is the inclusion of straps and face padding.
  • It comes fully assembled or flat-pack, so is great for posting.
  • The choice of colour and design is yours.

Virtual Reality is one of the great growth sectors in modern tech. Although its popularity is proven, it is still early days and largely be employed by first-movers. By introducing potential clients to the joys of VR you are staking a claim to their goodwill and to their ongoing loyalty. Having provided the hardware, a route is now open to continue and develop the relationship by supplying an ongoing supply of free apps at little cost- which also gives a great reason for them to give you their contact details.

Custom Google Cardboard is not just a give-away, it’s a beginning.