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Virtual Reality and Design Self-Study Guide

As Deloitte reported, 66% millennials expect to quit their jobs within six months by 2020. Most of them are looking for organizations that can give them high tech environment and easy access to the engaging and enticing content. Organizations are now updating their processes and implementing latest technologies.

Learning and Professional is one of the most impacted departments with the rapid transformation. They not only have to look for company’s standards or brand but also make their employees (millennials) excited. Virtual Reality is one of those technologies that is getting huge attention these days. It's not only entertaining the millennials, but if designed correctly, can become a vital source for their performance.

I initiated a project to learn about Virtual Reality and design something Out-of-the-Box.

To start with, I need to know what virtual reality is and how it works. One of my recommend me A-Frame as a primary resource that covers the basics and built the foundation. It’s an open source community where developers share their codes FOR FREE and help others. Make sure, you must have a basic understanding of HTML.
Hands on:

As an experiment, I tried to manipulate the existing code by changing the background image and writing text. Now, next is to add animation and videos.

Please click the link below http://mohammadhassam.com/blog/
You will also resource at: https://aframe.io/