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Virtual Reality Girls 2

So you just bought your new PC VR system. An HTC Vive, or a Oculus Rift, whichever. You’ve decided to plug it in, adjust the cameras, cleared out some room, and you’re ready to chill and relax. You forgot one thing, you don't have a game installed yet, LOL. Well, why not try Virtual Reality Girls 2! A relaxing VR game that features a relaxing gameplay, unique music, and high quality 3d dancing models. Cool eh?

Just to give you a background about this game. A year ago, the original game “Virtual Reality Girls” has been removed from Steam right after it went on sale for 3 days, due to complaints. Virtual Reality Girls is a game that allows users to “watch girls dance in a VR space in whatever outfit the users choose, including removal of all clothes.” Right after the removal, the developer released a statement, saying that they do not agree with the decision because the game just showcases dancing girls where you can change the outfit or let her be naked, but nothing more. There's no sexual activities or whatsoever.

Well, it seems that the removal of that title did not stop the developer (ErosVR), as the sequel “Virtual Reality Girls 2” has surfaced on Steam just recently. This sequel seems to have toned down the sexual aspect. Why? This time, the VR game's focus has shifted from a sensual private dance show performed by hot VR girl, to an ‘immersive experience that will make users feel like he's a real millionaire with super cars, just chilling inside his amazing apartment.

So, if you’re are having some sleep problems or get stressed of your work or some things in your lives, this Virtual Reality Girls 2 game might help you get through it.