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Virtual Reality in Marketing

Virtual Reality in Marketing

Branded Cardboard Viewers as the go-to Marketing tool

With the fast paced advance of new technologies it’s no wonder that more and more companies are looking for a marketing alternative to traditional print and video story-telling.

You can make your brand more inviting to old, new and potential customers, giving them a more immersive and exhilarating experience when showcasing your product.

Whether it’s to demonstrate your product’s features and functionality, communicate your brand’s mission or offer the consumer a memorable experience, Virtual Reality and Branded VR Viewers will help give your customers an impactful and intense view of your brand. Be the next company to immerse in Virtual Reality in Marketing

These are some of the companies who are already taking advantage of Virtual Reality:

Krispy Kreme

Nicholas Richardson – B&Q
“B&Q has a kitchen design tool, called Spaces, that has recently had Google cardboard functionality added to the customer journey We want to trial giving customers a branded cardboard device in one store, which happens to be a new concept store opening in London in March.”

Blake Lewin – Cyan
“We are a video game developer. Our latest game www.Obduction.com is a VR game. We have output 360 video scenes from the game and will give out the headsets as promotional items at events to help market our game.”

Rich Randazzo – Mower
“We're an Advertising/marketing agency/ We're producing these headsets for each of our best 200 employees and directing them to what we think are great VR videos to view. We are also in the process of developing our own office tours in VR/360. Ultimately, this should lead to us selling more VR videos that we create/produce to our clients.”