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The Future of School Wearable Tech

VR Cardboard Glasses – The Future of School Wearable Tech

Thanks to the affordability and availability of VR cardboard glasses, it shouldn’t be surprising to see that they are already starting to be used in classrooms. A recent report by Research and Markets discovered that wearable tech is going to surge in popularity over the past few years, at an astonishing rate of around 46% every year.

We’ve already seen a range of different educational facilities take advantage of Google Cardboard VR to educate their students. For example, tech-friendly teachers have already used the Expeditions app to take their class on a tour to the Great Wall of China and New York City.

VR Cardboard Glasses – Essential For Engaging Students With Education
The criticism that education has failed to keep up with technology isn’t a new one. For example, most children have their own, or have access to, a tablet computer. After moving from a tablet to a notebook and pen, or an underfunded IT department, it can be frustrating for the students to get to grips with technology that seems rudimentary.

Schools all over the world tend to have problems with engaging their students in the subject matter. Thanks to virtual reality and certain apps, like Expeditions, teachers can keep their students engaged more than text or video could ever hope to.

As they become more popular it is also likely that more and more large organisations will provide apps for them, which could even work alongside textbooks and other educational content. For example, when learning about history, students could take a tour of famous landmarks and battlefields to understand how historical events played out.

Cheap Wearable Tech Might Be The Best Option For School Budgets
Google VR and VR cardboard glasses is the perfect tool for experiments, especially since they are so cheap to produce. Until VR headsets become affordable on a massive scale, it is unlikely that they will start to appear in educational facilities, so these customisable and affordable headsets are a much more appropriate option.

With wearable tech like VR cardboard glasses, students will be able to experience education in a completely new way. The sheer potential of virtual reality as an educational platform has tech specialists all over the world excited. It could result in completely new avenues of learning, and provide real ways to teach any subject, from maths and science, to history, geography, social studies and literacy.

Choose VR Cardboard Glasses From The Maxbox VR Team
Here at Maxbox VR, we are able to provide a range of high-quality and durable VR cardboard glasses for all kinds of organisations and personal use. We are able to print a full range of designs on our Google Cardboard headsets, meaning that you can effectively use these affordable products for marketing or to ensure that everyone knows where they came from.

By printing these headsets with a school logo and colour scheme, you can not only ensure that they are easily identifiable, but that they are also appealing to even the most difficult of students.

For more information on the educational potential of VR cardboard glasses from Maxbox, get in touch with our professional printing and design team today on 0208 133 0824.