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VR Cardboards for Events and Conferences

VR Cardboards for Events and Conferences

Are you participating in a conference or event? Would you like to attract more people to your booth? Would you like to offer a giveaway that will actually be used and enjoyed?

When attending a conference, tradeshow or event you will be competing with many other businesses that share the objective of being the best stand. With Virtual Reality and VR Branded Cardboards you can actually be the best and most attractive company! You can generate more contacts, new sales, good press, social media presence and have people talking about you.

VR Branded Cardboards are the perfect giveaway swag for industry exhibits and events.
Make the crowd an active participant of the event by handing out promotional viewers. Expand your audiences by engaging and attracting attendees by using the most acclaimed technology of our time.

You can exploit the novelty aspect of VR Cardboards generating more traffic in your booth and leads for your company. In addition to being great entertainment, they are a fantastic new way to showcase your brand and your content.

Some clients that are using VR Cardboards as giveaways:

University of Oxford

Carla Leighton – Highmetric
“We are using them as giveaways at an industry trade show. We're in tech, so love anything to do with it as a giveaway, and an item people will actually take home to their colleagues / office / home / family rather than just ending up in the bin after!”

Phil Andrianos– Cybra
“When someone was intrigued by the viewer, we would give them one, but we always made sure to get their business card. It was a really great conversation starter, and showing them how to use it definitely helped in keeping people at our booth.”

Sabrina Hicks – MSK
Our law firm hosts an event each year for our video gaming/intellectual property clients. This year our event is shaped around virtual reality and we thought it’d be a fun idea to give out VR goggles to our guests as a gift.