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VR Water Park Ride Pack (Google Cardboard)

VR Water Park Ride Pack (Google Cardboard) is a virtual reality pack of three VR water and underwater rides (VR Goldfish and KOI Aquarium, VR Deep Ocean Roller Coaster, and VR Tropical Paradise Island). Dive deep into mysterious waters and experience the VR thrill in this high speed virtual reality coaster. All 3 VR rides are family friends without any violence or fear sounds so that kids could enjoy them too.

Jumping on the virtual reality app bandwagon, Romale game studio has debuted a brand new VR rollercoaster app called VR Water Park Ride Pack, this time utilizing VR to transport Google Cardboard users to an intense undersea adventure.

Over the course of the underwater imaginative and thrilling experiences, you'll explore tropics, sea birds, dive into Asian pond full of Goldfishes and KOI fishes, dive even deeper in the ocean and enjoy deep world of underwater vegetation filled with fishes, dolphins and whales.

It's sort of a custom digital overlay and using technology to tell a new story - an entirely new virtual reality coaster. Users would be able to travel through the depths of the ocean seamlessly.

It's indeed a completely unique expedition on a well-loved roller coaster.

VR Goldfish and KOI Aquarium:

  • Try a train ride underwater and explore KOI fishes and Goldfishes in a beautiful pond filled with water plants.

VR Deep Ocean Roller Coaster:

  • Take a ride though coral reefs and dive deep into the ocean. Enjoy the vegetation and fishes around you.

VR Tropical Paradise Island:

  • VR Tropical Paradise Island is a roller coaster ride on a sunny deserted tropical island filled with beautiful birds flying around, a secret temple, palms, long sandy beaches and old sailing ships.

Note #1: This app requires a VR headset like Google Cardboard for best results.

Note #2: This virtual reality game was made for high-end phones with gyroscopes. It may work on slower phones, but you will experience lower refresh rate.

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