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New VR Cardboard VS Old VR Cardboard

3 Ways The New Google Cardboard Beats The Old Cardboard

iPhone users can now join the party

With some fantastic announcements at Google I/O here's what the new Google Cardboard will mean for you:

1) It's even easier and quicker to assemble — it's a three-step process, which only took a few seconds to slip a Nexus 6 or an iPhone 6 in and start trying out the different VR options included in the Cardboard demo app.

2) Size matters — Google have made a small tweak to the design and packaging so it comes in a more compact brick like box, our estimates are at about 4.613.5 6.7 cm. What does this mean? It can now fit the larger phones such as the Nexus 6.

3) There's also a new button — Instead of the old magnetic switch, the new one is a piece of conductive foam that works as the primary input device when using Cardboard, now it works with the iPhone as well as Android. A new SDK and Cardboard app means iOS is now fully supported.