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Samsung Galaxy for VR Cardboard

Which Samsung Galaxy Is Best for VR Cardboard Glasses?

If you’re getting a new phone, you should make sure that you get one with great virtual reality features. Otherwise, you could find yourself getting left behind as more and more app developers focus on creating immersive VR content. Picking out the perfect mobile device for use with VR cardboard glasses can be difficult.

Samsung Galaxy phones are some of the most VR friendly models available today, and we thought take this chance to run through them and find the best tech for your virtual reality experience.

Samsung Galaxy: Which Is Best For Virtual Reality?

The four best Galaxy devices include the Galaxy Note 5, the S6 Edge+, the S6 and the S6 Edge. All released in 2015, this range of mobile devices offers the tech for a truly satisfying virtual reality experience. These models were all designed to work alongside Samsung’s own Gear VR, but they work just as efficiently with VR cardboard glasses.

The Galaxy S6: How Does It Work With VR?

When it comes to both speed and reaction time, the simplest Samsung Galaxy from this range can keep up with the rest. The biggest advantage that this device offers for virtual reality users, however, is that it has the smallest ‘screen door effect’ out of all the phones. This effect can be seen around certain pixels at extreme close-up, and can be really distracting in some circumstances.

If you want to understand the ‘screen door effect’, just turn your phone off, hold it up to your eye and turn it back on. You should see the black bars around each pixel for a few moments. When it comes to VR, this bar is enhanced and can quickly become irritating. As it is the smallest model, the density of the pixels is greater, enabling a better VR experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 retails for £359.99.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Virtual Reality

Now, this model is much pricier than its counterparts, but it offers premium VR performance. As the screen is larger than the S6, it enables a wider field of view (FOV) which is one of the most important factors for VR. Looking back at the Oculus Rift, one of their main drives was increasing FOV to provide a better experience, so you can tell it is hugely important.

A higher field of view results in a more immersive experience, as well as reducing the risk of VR motion sickness, which some people suffer from.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 retails for £499.99.

The Samsung S6 Edge For VR Cardboard Glasses

The S6 Edge has a lot of similarities to the standard S6. However, the Edge is lighter than both the Note 5 and the standard S6. This means that you can use it in your VR Cardboard Glasses for longer without suffering from neck strain. Besides that, many of the benefits are the same as the S6, although you can get a storage capacity of 128GB. That means you can store a lot more VR games and movies at one time, without having to clear content off to make room for other apps.

The Samsung S6 Edge retails for £521.14.

The S6 Edge+ (Plus)

Finally, we come to the S6 Edge+ (Plus). Not only does this phone look absolute stunning, it also has an extra gig of RAM than the S6 Edge. This option offers a much smoother service and allows multi-tasking without breaking a sweat or overheating.

What’s more, the battery life is also much longer so you can experience your VR games and movies in comfort before you need to go looking for a charge point. It is similar to the Note 5 in terms of quality, but is lighter by around 20 grams. It may not seem like much, but when you’re wearing it on your head with VR Cardboard glasses, you can really tell the difference.

The S6 Edge+ (Plus) retails for £469.99.

Samsung Galaxy, For Use With VR Cardboard Glasses

As you can see, each Samsung Galaxy model offers different advantages when it comes to virtual reality, but they can all be comfortably used with third-party VR Cardboard glasses. The smartphone you choose will make all the difference to your VR experience and it is definitely something you need to consider when picking out your new mobile phone.

For more information or advice on suitable smartphones for cardboard VR, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 0208 133 0824.