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Youtube VR Update Makes Custom Google Cardboard Essential

Youtube VR Update Makes Custom Google Cardboard Essential

Virtual reality is going to be the next step in terms of entertainment, but some platforms are light years ahead of others. As part of Google, it really isn’t a big surprise that YouTube are one of the major organisations leading the way in terms of VR technology and integration. The latest update to the video platform has introduced the ability to live-stream 360-degree video straight to its platform.

Since March, 2015, the video platform has supported the ability to upload and view 360-degree content, but it’s now ready to take the next big step; providing content creators, brands and film-makers the opportunity to actually stream their virtual reality content. That means that there’s more reason than ever to get your hands on custom Google Cardboard to enjoy the high-quality VR event and take part in technological history!

360-Degree Video To Be Streamed From Coachella
Coachella is one of the most popular festivals in the US, and attracts visitors from all over the world every year. Last year, more than 198,000 tickets were sold for the super festival, making it one of the largest festivals in the world. Its ticket sales alone earned an incredible $84,264,264, so it really isn’t any wonder that YouTube and Google have chosen Coachella as the launching pad for their new feature.

Now, if you aren’t excited already, you soon will be. This update means that you can actually move around inside the video and rotate the image using your mouse. If you take advantage of custom Google Cardboard, you can move around the video just by moving your head, so long as you’re using the YouTube app on your VR compatible phone or tablet.

Spatial Audio For Virtual Reality Content
YouTube has also taken its first step into spatial audio by providing this feature for all on-demand content. That means that, as well as being able to look around inside a video, just by moving your head, you can also change the direction the sound is coming from to enhance your VR experience. This new kind of listening is designed to really put you in the video scenario, allowing you to truly feel immersed in the video content.

With custom Google Cardboard and this incredible YouTube update, you’ll be able to get involved in experiences that only a few could previously enjoy. Coachella is a great location for its first real-world test, thanks to its diverse range of art, music and other forms of entertainment that people across the world are interested in.

YouTube has made it clear that this kind of content will be available to any and all kinds of creators in the future, and have already started to offer hands-on demos at their YouTube Space locations across the world, including London, New York and Paris.

Choose Maxbox VR For Custom Google Cardboard
Here at Maxbox VR, we can help you to take advantage of this latest YouTube update to view some of the internet’s greatest content like you never have before. To get a quote for your own custom designed and custom printed Google Cardboard headset, get in touch with our team on (+44) 208-133-0824 and we’ll help you to design your own fantastic VR headset today!