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Android and iPhone
Android and iPhone
Large 34mm lenses
Large 34mm lenses
Light weight
Light weight
Ultra low cost
Ultra low cost
Outer case with instructions
Outer case with instructions

Nano VR ™

Nano VR ™ Personalized printed VR glasses.
The Nano VR ™ is our most compact and economic unit created yet.
This unit has been thought, designed and engineered specifically for high volume orders that require both a very low price point combined with a small flat unit, which shows versatility to acompany a wide variety of marketing campaings.

Due to their folded size and weight they can be fitted into packages along with magazines, brochures, cups or other various promotional items.

And, the best part is that the reduced size and weight don't take away the other assets of the unit, such as the high quality 34 mm lenses for a very immersive experience.

It's also created with 400 gsm coated paper stock and it keeps the same quality of our offset print, being able to customise it depending on your needs.

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Accessories for Nano VR ™

For hands-free viewing
Auto-navigate to content
Deep 3D audio immersion
For slip protection


  • The VR Slim fits up to 5.5” screen phones exactly the same sizes that the v2.0 Google cardboard reaches
  • Wider branding area, we’ve designed the unit to give a large amount of real estate for branding / custom print opportunities
  • All parts are already glued and fixed in place
  • Uses strong eco-friendly card material – super lightweight
  • Takes up very little storage space
  • Easy assembly - The assembly time is under a minute at 30 seconds.
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  • Packaging and Assembly:  Flatpacked / Pop-up
  • Unit size in box:  13.5*13.5*1.9cm
  • Unit size assembled:  13*9.2*8.4cm
  • Unit weight:  70 grams
  • Interaction method:  Thumb tap hole - direct
  • Uses:  Works with Android and iPhone from 4.7 - 5.5 inch screens
  • Lens size:  34mm
  • Shipping box size:  55*45*29 cm
  • Shipping box weight:  14kg
  • Each shipping box holds:  200 units


Name Developer Compatible with Maximum display size Assembly time Storage Material Use of smartphone Lenses Augmented Reality / Daydream ready
V2.0 models V3.1 VR Slim™ V2.1
Google Maxbox VR™ Maxbox VR™ Maxbox VR™
Android 4.1+, iOS Android 4.1+, iOS Android 4.1+, iOS Android 4.1+, iOS
5.5 inches 5.5 inches 5.5 inches 5.5 inches
16 seconds 20 seconds 54 seconds 40 seconds
Outer sleeve Outer sleeve Simple case Simple case
E - flute or F flute corrugated F flute corrugated Card material Corrugated card
Capacitive button Thumb tap hole Thumb tap hole Capacitive button
Large 34mm lenses Large 34mm lenses Large 34mm lenses Large 34mm lenses
Optional augmented reality hole Optional augmented reality hole No optional augmented reality hole No optional augmented reality hole