Custom VR Cardboard

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Information about the VR Cardboard V1.0

The v1.0 is a flat packed / self assembled type unit. Based on the Google cardboard V1.0 It's the earliest VR Cardboard model. All you need is a VR compatible smartphone and you're ready to play. Released in 2014, it's the most widely known Cardboard VR unit. Get a Quote

What comes in in the box?

BI-CONVEX LENSES These will already be fixed in place
MAGNET AND WASHER Used for the screen tap functionality
RUBBER BAND To keep the mobile device in position
VELCRO SPOTS For closing the lid on the unit (already in place)
NFC TAG We can program these to an app of your choice (optional)

Top features of v1.0 VR Cardboard

  • A magnetic ring button to simulate a screen tap on the mobile device.
  • 25mm lenses
  • Camera hole for augmented reality

The V1.0 cardboard fits up  5.1” phones which is quite a large array in the smartphone world at around 85% of VR compatible phones however, out of all cardboard units we offer, it’s the smallest phone range of all the VR cardboard units we offer.

Because of the outer packaging it’s great for mass marketing, there’s a large amount of design real estate for large images/logos. The packaging is easily removed to reveal the cardboard unit.

How to assemble the V1.0 VR Cardboard

Check out this video here:


  • Lightweight
  • Low cost VR experience – Fantastic for first timers
  • Hole for Augmented reality support
  • Perfect for direct mail and mass marketing opportunities
  • Magnetic button doesn’t work with iPhones 
  • Does not support larger screen sizes such as the iPhone 6S plus

  • Longer assembly time at roughly 2 minutes

  • Can’t store the unit for long periods of time because outer packaging is removed 


Packaging and Assembly: Flatpacked/Self assembled

Unit size: 21 x 20 x1.8 cm

Unit weight: 140 grams

Button: Magnet ring

Uses: Ring only works with Android devices

Lens size: 25mm

Cardboard thickness: 1 – 1.5mm


Shipping carton size: 48*48*48 cm

Carton weight: 16KG

Each carton holds: 100 units