Custom VR Cardboard

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Information about the VR cardboard V2.0

The v2.0 is a ready made / pre assembled unit. Based on Google cardboard v2.0, it’s the 2nd generation VR cardboard model. Released in 2015, it has the VR world with a bang as the users favourite Cardboard VR unit. Get a Quote

What comes in in the box?

BI-CONVEX LENSES These will already be fixed in place
OUTER REMOVABLE SLEEVE For storing the unit
RUBBER BAND To keep the mobile device in position
VELCRO SPOTS For closing the lid on the unit (already in place)
NFC TAG We can program these to an app of your choice (optional)

Top features of v2.0 VR cardboard

  • Conductive touch button for simulating screen tap across any smartphone device
  • 34mm lenses – perfect for viewing content on larger devices
  • Pre-assembled, start-to-play in 15 seconds
  • Fold up and down mechanism for long periods of storage

The V2.0 cardboard fits up 5.5” screen size phones. This means it fits the the largest and latest phones in thesmartphone world such as the iPhone 6S Plus.

The outer sleeve can be branded, there’s less real estate in terms of the branding however in return you receive a more durable unit because the unit can fold back up into its box position. The unit also has thicker cardboard at 1.8mm thick.

How to assemble the V2.0 VR cardboard:

Check out this video here:


  • Low cost VR experience – Fantastic for first timers

  • Conductive touch button, screen taps all smartphones

  • Fast assembly at 15 seconds

  • You can store the units away

  • Fits new larger phones up to 5.5" e.g iPhone 6S plus


  • Increased cost for direct mail as the packaging is larger

  • Increased unit cost compared to v1.0


Packaging and Assembly: Pre assembled

Unit size: 14.8 x 9.4 x 5 cm

Unit weight: 140 grams

Button: Touch button

Uses: Works with Android and iPhone up to iPhone 6s plus size

Lens size: 34mm

Cardboard thickness: 1.5 - 1.8mm


Bulk shipping specs

Shipping carton size: 62 x 32 x51cm

Carton weight: 14KG

Each carton holds: 100 units