Custom VR Cardboard

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Information about the VR Slim ™

The VR Slim ™ is our latest model in our Slim range. We’ve taken the important points of our biggest customers and made a product that fits nicely for giveaways & event swag. It’s been designed to fit the same mobile size range as the pre-assembled models. It comes in a tiny package. Get A Quote


BI-CONVEX LENSES These will already be fixed in place
OUTER REMOVABLE SLEEVE For storing the unit
RUBBER BAND To keep the mobile device in position
VELCRO SPOTS For closing the lid on the unit (already in place)
NFC TAG We can program these to an app of your choice (optional)


  • Fast assembly – Pop up speed unit
  • 34mm lenses – perfect for viewing content on larger devices
  • Takes up very little storage
  • Thumb tap hole, allows screen tap on all smart phones
  • Wider branding area, we’ve designed the unit to give a large amount of real estate for branding / custom print opportunities
  • Works with iPhones and Android phones
  • We’ve designed the unit so that it can fit neatly with a consumer goods product, so that it’s perfect for giveaways at events, in stores or for marketing campaigns
  • The VR Slim ™ fits up to 5.5” screen phones exactly the same sizes that the v2.0 Google cardboard reaches.

The VR Slim ™ fits up to 5.5” screen phones exactly the same sizes that the v2.0 Google cardboard reaches. 


  • Low cost VR experience – Better bulk pricing
  • Perfect for very large scale marketing campaigns and giveaways
  • Included instructions
  • Fits up to largest phones on the market e.g Samsung S7
  • Thumb tap hole - Zero latency interaction, works with all devices
  • Can be folded down to pre-assembly position and placed inside a bag if needed
  • All parts are already glued and fixed in place
  • Uses strong ecofriendly card material – super lightweight
  • The assembly time is now at 35 seconds, compared to our V2.0 unit which has an assembly time of 15 seconds.


Packaging and Assembly: Flatpacked/Pop-up

Size in flatpack position: 14.1*15.2*1.9 cm

Size in assembled position: 14.5*8.7*8.9 cm

Unit weight: 100 grams

Button: Tap hole

Uses: Works with Android and iPhone from 4.7 - 5.6 inch screens

Lens size: 34mm


Shipping carton size: 47*31*30 cm

Carton weight: 9 KG

Carton holds: 100 units