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If you’ve ever wanted to create custom VR goggles for your customers, then we are the company for you. Maxbox VR™ is the leading company for bulk, custom VR goggles. Our goggles are perfect marketing campaigns, events, and giveaways, printed with your company’s logo and branding. Our goggles are extremely versatile, and are compatible with almost every Android and iOS phone on the market. Our team is committed to ensuring you get truly custom branded headsets that will provide your customers with an unforgettable experience. Our products are inspired by Google cardboard goggles and are available to be purchased wholesale at an unbeatable price.

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Here at Maxbox VR, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality service and products in the market. We are a one-of-a-kind option for telling your company’s story, as our VR goggles come printed with your company’s brand and logo. Each headset is created uniquely to your specifications, and are intentionally made to tell an impactful story about your brand to customers and fans. Our branded goggles are a great way to demo new products, give tours, or immerse users into a game. We ensure that our products are designed to have maximum impact on your customers.

Google chose Maxbox VR as the place to buy VR glasses, check it out.

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One of our goals is to ensure your final product is exactly how you want to tell you brand’s story. We provide free design services and work on-on-one with your team to capture all of the ideas you have for your headsets Our custom printed headsets are made to ensure the brand message you are conveying is clear, creative, and unforgettable. Contact us to learn about our free design services and wholesale products.


At Maxbox VR, we’re constantly working on providing the best customer service. From providing free consultations and design services, to meeting with you one-on-one, were completely focused on ensuring you have the best experience and are delivered the highest quality product. We’re also focused on making sure your customers have an amazing experience. We conducted a study that found users remember your brand longer after watching content related with your company– that is the reason we do what we do. We realize that the Maxbox VR experience is an incredible way to create customer commitment.


Our team ensures that your Maxbox VR goggles are completely customized to your brand’s story. Our goggles have a large printable real estate that comes in either 4 or 5 color print. We custom brand everything from what is printed on the goggles, to the actual packaging that the goggles come in. With dozens of interchangeable features on each headset, we guarantee that the goggles we create for your customers are different than anything else on the market.


We pride ourselves in the versatility of our VR goggles– our customers use our headsets for a wide range of occasions. Our clients have used our goggles to demo new products, give virtual tours, our show off a new VR game. Whatever the use case, we’re sure our branded goggles will create a lasting impression on your customers that will make your company unforgettable.


Take your customers through a tour of a new location, country, or property and give them a truly immersive experience that is impossible to forget.

Promotional Gifts

Our VR goggles are a must at all of your events and conferences to give out as swag. We’re also great for brand activations, product releases, and media releases e.g. magazines and games.


Our VR goggles are an incredible educational resources at colleges, universities, and schools for all age groups. Schools use our goggles in classroom and VR to teach different topics such as coding, history, and languages.



What Clients Say


Really fantastic design and quality, loved the presentation.

David Edwards Lionsgate

Great company and will work with them again! Thanks for all your great work!

Matthias Mueller Sony Music

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VR Slim

  • The VR Slim goggles are our most compact design and has one of the lowest costs in the market. VR Slim goggles are perfect for large volume projects such as experiential giveaways and product offerings. It ships with its own custom package box, and assembly takes is under 1 minute. Brands such as Paramount have chosen this unit.
  • Large branding area and custom print opportunities
  • Uses strong eco-friendly card material – super lightweight
  • The VR Slim fits up to 5.5” screens

V3.1 Flatpack

  • V3.1 is a flat-pack unit, ideal for direct mail conferences and trade-shows. It is the ideal combination between Google cardboard V1 and V2 all in one. It has a robust sleeve that it ships in to keep it safe. These goggles are a top pick for companies like Walmart and NBC Universal.
  • Low cost VR experience – Better bulk pricing
  • Fits up to largest phones on the market e.g Samsung S9
  • Can be folded down to pre-assembly position and placed inside a bag if needed
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