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With variety of models that we offer, you can choose to include many design elements for your VR headset. From different variation of the colours and print extras our models are customizable fully.

Pre-assembled cardboard

The look and feel is slightly more robust than the flat-packed models and can give a sensation of luxury in a cardboard VR headset. These units are created with different quality materials depending on the VR viewer type selected.

The V2.0 is a ready made/pre assembled unit. Based on Google cardboard V2.0. It’s our best selling unit, perfect as giveaway swag at events and conferences.

With Google Cardboard V2.0 Deluxe we go to a higher quality than even Google’s recommended using luxury high-end materials and 5C (5 colour) print. Once you go Deluxe you never go back!

Take advantage of the convenience adjustable lenses have to offer. These units include tabs on either side to adjust inter-pupillary distance along with high quality materials and a 5C (5 colour) print.

Flat packed cardboard

Pop-up viewers are great for direct mail campaigns. It has a flat-packed sleeve, that it ships in for extra protection. The assembly time of pop-up units is just under 1 minute.

V2.1 Pop-up unit has the thumb tap hole at the bottom of the viewer. This easy assembled flatpack model comes with the outer sleeve that makes it great for direct mailing.

We invite you to break the barriers with our new VR Slim ™viewer. It’s the first Google VR Cardboard which is incredibly easy to transport, assembled and disassemble again. The perfect fit for your portable needs. Take the plunge into the VR world with the most innovative unit.

V3.1 was designed by the Maxbox VR team to combine the benefits of the V2.0 Google cardboard and v1.0. This model is great for direct mail and it’s assembly is very quick and easy. You can access the phone screen through a thumb tap hole at the base of the unit.


For immersive VR experience, you can select a different variety of accessories for your VR cardboard bulk order.

The plain V2 Gift box is a great tool if you’re giving your VR glasses to a special customer or client. It also helps to keep the unit safe whilst shipping.

Want to make sure that your users can’t miss “how-to” assemble the viewers when they get them? If you want to do this for a low cost, add instructional stickers.

Inserts are like leaflets you can add inside the viewer. If you want to get a message across about your product, idea or service, let the user know!

The inner slip pads with instructions are for the V2 type models. They not only look great but both instruct the user on assembly and, keep the phone tight in place during usage.

Inner sticky pads are excellent for holding the mobile phone within the viewers, especially if you’re expecting your users to be watching extreme content and they’ll be thrashing around.

Foiling is the luxury print addition to make your design look like a work of art. It may fit with your brand or, you may just want to create something beautiful. But if it’s something special you want, this is it.

Spot UV Varnish adds a layer of gloss on top of matte film paper. It allows you to make certain areas of your design stand out and be the focus point of the headset.

V2 gift with a custom print is great as an additional protection for your units and having your branding on the outside makes it a great promotional item.

Nose and forehead pads will add additional comfort to the viewing experience and decrease visible sweat and grease.

Double sided printing will allow you to fully creative with your headsets. Usually the viewers are printed on the exterior, this let you print on the inside of the viewers too.

The important aspect to consider about VR is how convincing the experience is, especially for the first time user. Earphones will drown your senses in VR and it makes for the best reactions to the content.

NFC tags are the perfect way to instantly navigate your users directly to the app or website to access your content. As soon as they put their phone inside the viewer, it’ll direct them to your content.

The Maxbox VR head strap is an essential for VR viewing pleasure. It adds the ability for the user to go entirely hands free so they’ll be lost in your content. Add a head strap for immersion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do accessories work with VR cardboard?

The majority of accessories are suited for each model accordingly to its needs. Some of the accessories are giving you extra comfort and protection or they will bring your order to stand out more. Each accessory page has the models they work with listed.

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