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Industries that work with VR

Real estate

Real estate is to date, one of the industries that benefited the most from cardboard VR viewers. They were able to rapidly adapt thanks to the possibilities offered by 360 video and cameras, which made property touring a very realistic experience. If you are in the real estate business, using a VR cardboard to attract prospective buyers is something you’ll definitely want to try, especially in the pandemic period when it’s not as easy to travel or access certain locations.


Education has taken advantage of cardboard VR viewers in great measure at all education levels. From elementary schools to universities, they have all used VR as an interactive learning tool for students. It was all started by Google Expeditions, which allowed students from all over the world to discover remote locations by using their phones and a cardboard VR viewer. During the pandemic period, some Universities used it as a fun experience for graduating students, who were able to graduate virtually with their classmates, touring the graduation hall as if they were there.


The military (army, air force, marines) have been using Virtual Reality for many years now. It has proven to be an effective training resource, where aspiring officers can take different training (from engine repairs to submarine diving) all in the same location.


Health professionals found that Virtual Reality and cardboard VR viewers can be useful in more than one way. The most used applications are for VR training (e.g. a surgeon gets trained in a new surgery technique) and also for patient education, like showing a patient how a new study drug can help their organism, or to keep patients calmed and entertained when they undergo very long stressful treatments.


The entertainment industry is so big, it probably has the widest range of usage for VR viewers. We are talking about movie premiere launches, new VR games, consolidated apps such as YouTube expanding to play a bigger part in the Virtual Reality world, and even music shows, to give the spectator the most immersive experience possible.

Last updated on November 4, 2021 by Maxbox VR