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Our clients
NBC Universal
Rolls Royce
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About us

Maxbox VR™ is the Google cardboard creation company. Our design team is on hand to create bespoke products for your marketing campaigns, events and giveaways to quarterback your VR content and ideas, all entirely free.

Our efforts go beyond just VR cardboard, we pride ourselves in handling our process with efficiency and providing service with value. That is why we make sure your orders are handled as fast as possible and with an outstanding quality in both our units and customer service. 

Our four core beliefs are in:

  • Value
  • Efficiency 
  • Partnerships
  • Longevity

How It Started
A passion for new ideas and a lot of impatience.
When we tried VR Cardboard we couldn't put it down, the results were a domino effect of people wanting to buy and this made us want to improve on what was there.
The years have gone by quickly. Google released cardboard V1 in July 2014, we began selling cardboard V1 just a few months later in September 2014. Since this time, our company has grown not only in numbers, but more importantly in understanding what our customers need and how to provide it in the best way possible. We maybe be a young company but have the know how and expertise to create fantastic units.
We love new technology, ideas and gadgets - it's our job to keep our fingers on the pulse of what's new, fun and trending and most of all what you want next.

Our Work

Our manufacturing team is the go-to company for brands such as Google, Disney, NBC Universal and Adidas.

Get a taste of our VR headsets with Krispy Kreme when you buy their doughnuts in Australia. Sniff out our custom goggles with Hormel foods when you buy their bacon in the USA – we even made the box smell of bacon! View our cardboard viewers when you watch the Jack Reacher movie (Tom Cruise) in Germany.

Here’s the deal; you call us and tell us your ideas; we create whatever you like for free; we handle the shipping to any country in the world. From single unit orders to the largest, we’re in.

Give us a call

Toll Free (USA only) 866.466.8319
International / North America: +1 (415) 840-2352
UK / Europe: +44 (0) 203 868 4042
Australia: +61 (0) 280 060 640