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Custom VR cardboard design

Do you have a unit in mind that no one has created yet? Tell us what you need and we’ll create it for you. If you need a VR Viewer with size or usage specifications we can create the unit to fit those needs e.g. we created a VR headset to fit in a shoebox lid for Adidas and created an ultra small VR headset to fit with a Blu-ray DVD for NBC Universal.

Custom Cardboard for Businesses

Using our simple design templates, you can customise your VR cardboard. Whether you choose to use VR headwear to market a particular product or to publicise an event, you can include a range of images, colours, slogans and more. Custom printed VR cardboard is a cost-effective way of opening up the VR world to your customers.

These VR cardboard headsets are comfortable to wear, lightweight and can be produced at a fraction of the cost that other virtual reality hardware requires.

How Does VR Cardboard Work?

Custom printed VR cardboard can work with a full range of smartphones with Android and iOS. By inserting the phone into the Cardboard headset, your customers will be able to experience the best VR apps available. If you are going to take advantage of virtual reality to enhance your business, you need to make sure that your customers have a way of experiencing this new form of marketing and entertainment.

Thanks to these virtual reality wearable’s, you will not only expose your customers to the future of entertainment, but you will also be able to keep your brand alive in their minds thanks to custom printed headsets.

How Can Virtual Reality Be Used To Market Your Brand?

Virtual reality is still an open market when it comes to marketing. It has yet to become overwhelmed with content, and all virtual reality users are looking for new and exciting content to experience. If you can create virtual reality apps to work on Android or iOS smartphones and VR cardboard, you will swiftly be able to appeal to a quickly growing audience. Developing VR applications, or 360 video adverts, can be a great way of presenting your brand to potential customers.

Our custom printed, VR Cardboard inspired headsets can be printed with essential information to encourage your customers to visit your brand or get in touch with your team.

Promote Your Brand With Printed VR Cardboard

Whether you intend to make VR Cardboard a long-term part of your marketing strategy, or you just want to make a great impression at your next industry event, our printing services are available for both long and short-runs. In the past, we have worked alongside clients like the BBC, NBC Universal, Google and IBM, and we continue to provide services to a complete range of companies.

If you’re interested in the benefits that custom printed VR cardboard can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Rafferty distraction headset

The Rafferty distraction headset is a custom VR viewer dreamt by Dr. Kevin Rafferty for Bruadar Medical, and developed and brought to life by Maxbox VR. This headset had a particular need, which was being able to support a detachable anesthetic mask.

This way patients that need gas induction of anesthesia can have a distraction while the process is being carried out. As we mentioned before, VR content is a fantastic combination for VR headsets, in this case, an app was also developed by Dr. Rafferty to go hand in hand with the headset to bring patients more comfort. You can see more about the VR viewer in action here: www.raffertydistractionheadset.com

The Tech21 Custom VR headset

Tech21 is the leading brand in phone cases, creating mainly products for 2 of the biggest brands: Apple and Samsung. On the occasion of their new product launching, they decided to launch a campaign that would include custom-made VR headsets to go in line with their new brand of antimicrobial and plant-based clear cases. They combined the VR headsets with a QR code which took users to a raffle to win prized from the company. This was an awesome combination of marketing promotion and material!