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How To Program NFC Tags for VR Cardboard

How to program NFC tags for VR cardboard:

You will need:

A) NFC Enabled mobile device
B) To install the Free NXP tagwriter app from the iOS or Android Google Playstore, on the NFC enabled mobile device
C) The NFC tag

The Guide:

Step 1 - Open the app and select the option “Write Tags”

NFC tag step 1

Step 2 - From the list select “New dataset”

NFC tag step 2

Step 3 - On the next page you will be given a list of Datasets to add to the tag.

Select “Link” as in this instance we’re navigating to a URL

NFC tag step 3

Step 4 - On the next page you will have to give your new Dataset a description. In our case we’ve written the description ‘Maxbox VR’.

In the field below, you will have to write the URL of the website that you want the user to navigate to, when they interact with the tag.

In our case we’ve written our URL “https://www.maxboxvr.com”. This will navigate users to our website, when their NFC enabled phone touches the tag.

The remaining fields you can leave blank as is on the screenshot.

NFC tag step 4

Step 5 - Confirm

The button “Confirm overwrite” should be enabled, if it is not, then enable it before proceeding.

Once ready, press the “write” button at the bottom of the screen.

NFC tag step 5

Step 6 - The next screen will show a page that says “Ready to store”.

Hold the NFC tag against the NFC location on the mobile phone, you should hear a confirmation noise that both the NFC tag and mobile phone are connected.

NFC tag step 6

Step 7 - The next screen will show a page that shows the NFC details, the URL you want to use and, a blue “Confirm” button.

Before pressing Confirm button, again, hold the NFC tag against the NFC location on the mobile phone.

Whilst holding, press the blue “Confirm” button.

Continue holding until the tag is written, this should take a few seconds and you’re done.

NFC tag step 7

Step 8 - Enjoy your NFC written tag. Test it out by holding your phone against the tag. It will navigate you to your chosen URL.