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Create a VR Experience for Trade Show Exhibits & Booths

Create a VR Experience for Trade Show Exhibits & Booths
Virtual Reality (VR) is the current game changer when it comes to interactive trade show exhibits & booths. Small and large businesses are following the footsteps of those who have taken the VR route. VR Not only does it build a buzz and tells them a story about your company, it also increases the length of engagement while encouraging users to make a purchase.

How to Plan a Successful VR Experience for Trade Shows
To build a successful VR experience, it is critical that you follow a strategic plan. Ask yourself the following questions to begin tailoring your plan:

• Who is the target audience?
• What is your objective?
• What is the product?
• What is the project budget?

The two most important factors during this period is your target audience and your objective. Both influence how your product, location, or facility will be promoted. However, you must always remember to be creative.

You want to give your users an enjoyable and memorable experience that turns their visitation into a new client.  Many business, regardless of size, have been riding the successful VR bandwagon.

For example:
• McDonald’s Happy Goggles promotion in which they turned their iconic Happy Meal boxes into foldable VR headsets
• Samsung and Six Flags created a broad marketing partnership that created North America’s first VR Roller Coaster

It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial it is to understand your audience and the type of experience you want to create to promote your product. Having a clear vision of what you want for your VR simulation is important for when you are collaborating with your team’s VR developer or if you are hiring a developer.

How to Build a VR Experience for Trade Shows & Conferences
A key component to a successful VR experience is the user’s comfort. This is why intense, scary, or simulations of high places, are not recommended for first time users. Transferring into a 3D-dimension can take users by surprise and, if movement is involved, can cause them to lose balance. Offering seating is usually recommended and will keep users both safe and comfortable.

Considering all the sense can influence your user's experience. VR may be mainly visual, but sound is also key to create an immersive experience.

When creating your VR experience for a trade show, basic controls are another key factor to consider. If your simulation is interactive, make sure you have easy-to-learn controls. Your demonstration should last less than five minutes, and it is also recommended that you have wireless gaming controls, instead of a mouse or keyboard.

Keep in mind that immersion is the focal point of your VR demonstration. The whole purpose is to drag the audience away from the chaos of the trade show and bring them into your company’s world.

Building a 360-degree video not only captures visitor’s attention, it also lets you showcase products or items that are too big to bring to the trade show or even tour your upcoming building or facility. Promotevents is a perfect example of bringing this experience to life.

Another great way to immerse visitors by redirecting their attention to a different area of the simulation or even just to add ambience.

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How to Launch a VR Experience for Trade Shows & Conferences
When you are offering a VR experience at a trade show, grabbing the audience’s attention is easy- especially if you are the only exhibitor offering a VR demonstration.

It is always important to remember everyone in the audience at the trade show. Having a television with a VR livestream, or even a pre-recorded video that can serve as a form of entertainment or as an informative video for external visitors waiting to try your VR.

Your VR demonstration is designed to attract people to visit your trade show exhibit booth so you can complete the goal of building your audience’s interest and increase sales. Do not forget to survey your visitors experience and direct them to your social media platforms and your website.