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Virtual Reality in education

Virtual Reality in Education – Google Expedition kit

Here at Maxbox VR we believe that Education is the Future. With user friendly units we'll help you give your students a bright future.

The VR Educational platform is an emerging new technology that will democratize experiences for students all over the world. By using VR in education students have the possibility of viewing the world in the comfort of their classrooms.
A Japanese student can go to a Peruvian museum and an Egyptian student can roam the streets of Venice without moving from the table.

The motivational potential of VR in Education is incredible, what’s more exciting? Reading an endless black and white text book or finding yourself in another planet to gather soil samples?

We even offer our pre-designed Maxbox VR Educational viewers, with a fun design that will appeal to your students, from the youngest to the oldest. You can also order our VR Educational viewers in a box set of 20 units, this is perfect for the entire classroom to use and share for a very accessible price.

If you are a teacher you can take advantage of Google Expeditions to take your students to a whole new world!

If you educate outside a school or university; such as a trainer at a business or company you can educate your trainees with a more appealing course through VR!

The possibilities are endless and its your turn to try them out.

These are some of the institutions that are taking advantage of what virtual reality in education has to offer:

University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
University of the Arts London
Stanford tech
University of Central Florida

Newport News Public School
UTC Portsmouth