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Partnership programme

Partnership programme

Want to be part of the Maxbox VR Family? Wether you are a large network, content site or mobile app we have simple affiliate linking tools to both meet your client’s Cardboard needs and help you monetise your reach.
Program Details
1) The referral programme:
Our partners receive a share of the revenue for every successful custom order over 500 units they refer to us.  Our competitive pricing helps you maximize your earnings, all you need is good contacts/links and want to earn easy cash. We ALSO give an instant 50 gbp / 65 usd discount to the customer who is being referred to say welcome to the party!

2) The designer / content programme
We like to make this work both ways for designers too, we don't always design our units in-house, so, if a client doesn't have a predetermined designer or needs a content developer (we don't produce content in-house), we recommend them to our vetted partners. Send us examples of your VR content and design work and we'll pass clients your way - pairing you with the most appropriate client, based on location and your capabilities, we don't expect anything in return.

3) The buy-button programme:
If your website / mobile app gets a lot of hits and traffic, and you think you can sell a lot of VR Cardboard. We will give you a VR cardboard buy button so you can sell directly from your website or app. You get a great portion of the profit and you don't have to do any of the hard work. They buy, we ship, you get paid.

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We're also looking for relationships with, experiential agencies, developers, designers, retail buyers and marketing / ad agencies, so feel free to contact us here. Get up and running today. Just one approval to join—no complex authorization or whatsoever.