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Head Straps

The Maxbox VR head strap is an essential for VR viewing pleasure. It adds the ability for the user to go entirely hands free so they’ll be lost in your content.

What it’s made from: Elasticated cotton. This gives extra stretch for big heads and small.

How to use it: If ordered, the head straps come within each individual unit. They are added the viewers by using the double sided adhesive velcro squares and then adding the strap to the velcro. Users have to attach the straps themselves. We recommend letting each user attach it themselves because they can place the adhesive velcro squares on the viewer according to their head size

What it’s good for: Excellent for Hands free viewing to enhance the VR experience

Models that it works with: All Maxbox VR® viewers.

Goes well with: Nose and Forehead pads – The user will be passing the viewer around if it has a headstrap for sure, you want to make each use as comfortable as possible