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List of wholesale Google VR headsets | Maxbox VR

V2.0 Branded VR headset with Adjustable lenses
Google Cardboard (inspired) - Adjustable lenses
With our Adjustable lenses V2 cardboard, you can easily use the tabs on either side of the unit to adjust the inter-pupillary distance for a more comfortable experience.
V2.0 Deluxe quality branded VR headset
Custom VR Google cardboard (inspired) V2 - Deluxe
With the highest quality print and first class F-flute corrugated cardboard with 250g kraft paper on either side, this high end unit gives a sense of luxury like no other.
V2.0 Standard quality branded VR headset front view
Branded Google cardboard (inspired) V2 - Standard
The cardboard V2 is a robust VR unit, with full colour print and E-flute corrugated cardboard, this model is perfect as a hand out gift at events.
V3.1 Branded VR headset
V3.1 - Maxbox VR™
With an assembly time of 15 seconds and a harder shell this full colour Pop-up unit is perfect for direct mailing, in addition to having the largest real estate in terms of print.
VR Slim ™ - Branded VR headset front view
VR Slim™
The VR Slim will give you a high quality viewing experience at an unbeatable price. Perfect for high volume orders and national VR campaigns.
V2.1 Branded flatpack VR headset
Flatpack V2.1
This Pop-up unit counts with a touch screen button perfect to navigate through content. The easy assembly method and perfect to carry pack makes it a great giveaway for events such as conferences.
V1.0 Branded VR headset
V1 Google cardboard (inspired)
Based on the original V1.0 Google Cardboard, this is a flat-packed / DIY VR kit.