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Is the quarantine proving to be too boring for you? Have you tried these apps already? Just grab your smart phone, your Google Cardboard and you’re good to go!

1) Google Earth VR

Google has somehow done it again; this free VR app is still crushing it as one of the favourite apps to use with your cardboard VR viewer. In hard times like this you can still have the opportunity to travel safely around the world to places such as Switzerland, Seattle, Arizona or Hong Kong, among others. One of the best features is that you can choose between walking, flying or browsing around!

2) The Turning Forest

The Turning Forest is a magical adventure for all ages, where a young child and a fantastic creature embark in a journey together. This VR fairytale will captivate you with its delightful visuals and spatial audio. For a better experience make sure to use headphones!

3) in360 Tube

If you’re looking for something more simple then we recommend this VR app that allows you to enjoy YouTube videos with a twist. It also has a few cool features related to the type of user control that are available to use: touch mode (touch and drag), wrap the video into a circle for a full immersive experience, and gyroscope mode which allows you to look up, down, left and right. Remember to look for 360 degree videos in YouTube to start enjoying yourself!.

4) Wizard Academy VR

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then we recommend you try out Wizard Academy. This game combines action and learning in a virtual reality scenario, where you have challenges that go from labyrinths to algebra equations passing through a wide range of a combination between games and learning. One of the fun features of this app is that you will interact as in a first-person game, roaming around the village with both legs and arms!

5) Final Kick VR

For a “final fun kick” (yes, pun intended), we recommend this app centered around football or soccer (whichever name you prefer is cool!). We’d like to highlight the graphics in this app, which you will enjoy scoring goals, shooting penalties or even testing yourself as a goalkeeper. One of the fun features of this app is that you can also put in some physical exercise if you play as the goalkeeper, which is kind of awesome if you ask us.

We hope you have enjoyed our compilation of fun apps to check out while we get through this challenging period.

Stay home and stay safe!

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