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How to use Custom branded VR headset?

Since Google originally launched the Google Cardboard V1 in 2014 we've seen it put to very good use and as a Branded Cardboard VR Headset company we are very aware of all the destinations the VR Cardboard can have...but do you?

We are also aware that public renews constantly (yay!), that's why we wanted to bring you a new guide explaining the most important points you need to now about the Google Cardboard!

In this comprehensive guide you'll find a lot of key info: how to use them, the advantages Cardboard VR has in different fields, where and how you can use them, we'll even show you the print variations you can add on yours and how our vr cardboard viewers contribute to a clean environment!

So, let's get started!

First things first, how is the Google Cardboard used?

While we have many options to choose from (Flat-packed, Pop-up, Pre-assembled, with button, without button, etc) we'll start with the V2.0, which is our own version of Google's V2 Cardboard VR Headset. This is one of the most user-friendly models, and a best seller for us.

The V2.0 Cardboard comes pre-assembled, which means it's ready to use, all you have to do is slide the unit out of it's individual box, pop your phone in and voilà! You can immerse yourself in Virtual Reality. To show you how easy it is, we put together a couple gifs below so you can follow the steps:

1) Slide viewer out of the case

2) Open lid and secure flaps on the side

3) Insert phone and enjoy!

Now, you might be thinking "that's all really cool, what can I actually use it for?" and that my friend, is a very good question! Luckily, at this day and age you have so many options to chose from, you can select a wide range from apps such as games, education, travel, exploration, they can even be used for training!

Here are a couple apps we think you might enjoy that actually show the range of applications that our custom branded Google Cardboard can offer:

1) Google Expeditions:
One of the first and best cardboard apps remains to this day totally current. Expeditions allows you to explore museums, cities, and even the space in this VR & AR adventure and knowledge filled app. It's a favourite amongst classrooms, but even if you're not in school you can enjoy it too. You can see the available expeditions here

2) Fulldive VR:
One of the most complete VR apps you can use with VR Cardboard, Fulldive VR lets you explore over 1 million VR
videos, checkout cardboard apps and even interact with friends. Use Fulldive to explore what VR has to offer!

3) Snow Strike VR:
If you're looking for a no-muss no-fuss simple but entertaining vr app then this is one you have to try. Engage in fun snowball fights while trying to protect your fort from evil snowmen!

Let us know if you enjoyed those apps, or if you also tried a different one and how that worked for you!

Now that we've explained how to use it, and what to use it with, we'll share the "why". Apart from being great for entertainment and have shown to be a fantastic educational tool, custom branded VR headsets might be just the perfect promotional item a company needs. The companies we've worked with have shown the many uses VR cardboard can have for promotion and marketing:

  • A real estate company can use them to give virtual tours to potential clients, such as Engel & Völkers did here
  • A music production company can use them to showcase the new video of a great band, like Sony Music and Pentatonix did here
  • A university can give applicants a tour of the campus and facilities among others, you can see this in action for the University of Arts in London here

One of our favourite uses is the one that Google Street View has given to our branded vr headset; teamed up with the best photographers they have now included 360 content for you to explore the streets of different places from the confort of your own home! You can even see us on their page here

After diving fully in the many uses of the VR Google Cardboard we'll let you to explore the content, and if you want to learn what type of branding can be applied and how we contribute to the environment keep reading below.

Before starting the branding process, it's good to identify the use you'll give to the cardboard VR headset, this way you can select the model that best fits your needs. Here are some of the use options we suggest:

Flat-packed/Pop-up units:
They are best if you:

  • Are planning a direct mail campaign.
  • Will distribute them along with flat items such as magazines, blue-ray disks, booklets, etc.
  • Have a limited buget; they have a better price point.
  • Are planning a very large distribution campaign, their size makes them more effective to send out.

Pre-assembled units:
They are best if you:

  • Are looking to attract high end customers, the Deluxe has a very sofisticated look and feel.
  • Will hand them out directly.
  • Want a unit with a longer shelf life.
  • Need the user to start using them immediately.

Once you've selected the units that work best for you, then you can start thinking about the branding for your cardboard headset. It's important to understand that some units have a larger branding real estate than others, such as V3.1 versus Nano VR, but don't worry! we'll still be able to print whatever you need on the viewers. As a general rule, we use offset print on the units, which means you can have full 4 or 5 color print on the entire outside of the units and their own individual sleeve, and this has no additional cost; and if your brand requires it, we can also print with Pantone colors.

On top of that, we wanted to also offer a few more options that can make you branded VR viewer stand out even more from the rest; here are some print extras we can offer to customize the units:

The best part is you can combine all of the options above entirely to your taste!

Lastly, there's one more thing we want to talk to you about which gives us great pride: our units are eco-friendly. For us sustainability is a must, this is why we make sure that the materials and practices we use to produce our custom Google cardboards are safe for the environment. From the film finishes, to the ink, and even glue, you can see our reports here: https://www.maxboxvr.com/sustainable-eco-friendly-vr

Now that we've covered all the bases we want to hear you out: Do you have any VR projects coming up soon? Drop us a note below and tell us all about it! :)