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Real Estate in COVID19


During the COVID19 pandemic period most businesses and industries have had to reinvent themselves. One of the most particular cases is real estate. Before the pandemic the process of showing the property was rather simple, organise an open house for potential buyers or renters of the house, cottage, apartment, studio, or any other property you can think off. Bake some cookies before people arrived and voila, you had a line of interested people.
Right now real estate company and independent realtors are looking for an alternative to maintain their business afloat while also keeping themselves and others safe. And since with crisis comes opportunity, many people are using technology more and more to their advantage.

Luckily the technology for real estate has been in the market for some time now, and with the times running it’s being perfected by the minute. Up next we’ll give you some tools and ideas you can use if you’re in the real estate business during this pandemic period:


If you’re not familiar with Matterport yet you’re in for a treat. Matterport is a fantastic three dimensional camera system which allows you to scan environments to create a super realistic 3D rendering of any space. This scan is created through a compilation of imagery, meassurements and data which is processed into a final render.
This render will allow you to view the space from any angle and experience this from first person viewpoint, and even though it is a 3D scan the experience is very life-like.


Virtual tours can be created with the help of a 360° camera, and the basic difference with Matterport is that it does not show a render of the space, but an actual photograph from every angle of the room the camera is in. It may not be as interactive (you can’t walk through every corner), but it is more realistic, showing all real life details of the space you’re showing.

If you don’t have a 360° camera of your own it won’t be an issue. More and more content creation companies are offering their services, you can either ask them to capture the content on your behalf, or rent the cameras an do it yourself!.


You have chosen the type of tour that best fits your needs, and now you want your client to be able to experience touring the property; how can you achieve this? The easiest, most cost effective solution: provide them with a VR cardboard viewer. This method presents a huge advantage, your potential client won’t have to leave the safety and comfort of their own home! You can easily mail them a flatpacked unit which can contain a QR code of your property tours, they can scan it with their phones and tour the property as if they were there!.

Now that you have the options it should be simple! Which method will you chose for your real estate tours?

You can leave us your thoughts and comments below!

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