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Top ten custom branded promotional products for give aways in 2020

Using custom branded promotional products has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy for brands, big or small, all around the world. Specifically if you have an event or tradeshow coming up it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of, being able to reach potentinal customers that might not have access to your company otherwise.

Have you thought which promotional items you’d like to give away to represent your brand?
If you’re still a little undecisive, or have actually no idea on what’s currently being used as promotional merchandise in events we’ve come up with a list of the best 10 branded promotional items.

We are aware that nowadays everybody is carrying a computer in their pockets, however the items on the list below are far from going out of style!

1) Personalized Pens
If you want to hand out a present that can’t go wrong then you go with the classic branded writing instrument. Whether if it’s a pen or pencil, this item is always useful to have in hand, and people will thank finding it in their pocket or bag when they need it (specially handy when they’re running errands or at the bank or post office!).

2) Drinkware
Everybody enjoys their cup of coffee or tea in the morning or afternoon. Having your company’s logo and info printed on them will ensure you’re always present, and people will automatically think of your company when they need your services or products, because seeing your brand everyday will keep you at the top of their minds.

3) Sunglasses
Promotional sunglasses are probably one of the coolest items to give away; they are fun, trendy, and the people you give them to will definitely remember you for giving an original item.

4) Sticky notes and flags
Whether it’s at a home office, or an office building, people will always be gratefull for having sticky notes and sticky flags at hand to organize and point out those important day-to-day notes and activities.

5) Stress balls
If you haven’t felt the desire to squeeze something when you’re stressed out we thinkg you might probable not be human. A stress ball is a great promotional item, it not only assures you’ll be on someone’s house or office, it also says you want them to feel relaxed 🙂

6) Reusable Tote Bags
Giving away reusable tote bags as a promotional item has 2 benefits: number one is it helps promote your brand outside of the environment of the tradeshow, as people most likely will keep using them to run errands, go to a store or more; number two, and more important, you’re being friendly with the environment!

7) Notepads
Even though our lifes have gotten more digital there’s still an item that has survived the test of time and technology: the notepad. Every desk in the world has one, and having one with your company’s information on it is going keep your brand visible everytime the user takes a note (which is at least a few times a day)

8) Wallets and card holders
If you’re in a tradeshow there’s one item that is really handy to have: a card holder. We know that in these encounters people tend to find many options and people which are interesting to relevant or them, and an exchange of business card is a very common trade in these type of events. Having a card holder will be benefitial for the user to have, and they’ll be thankful to you for giving them this very handy item.

9) Notebooks and Journals
This item goes hand in hand with item number 1 on the list. As we mentioned before, we are in an ever growing digital era; however lately there’s been an increase in going back to the roots, and journaling is slowly but surely making a comeback. Whether it’s work, travel or study, there’s an increasing tendency in registering events daily in a journal. You’re bound to cross several journaling lovers in tradeshows and events, so it’s your chance to make an ever lasting good impression with them!.

10) Branded VR cardboard headset
And, our best pick for a branded promotional product to give away at a tradeshow is (drumroll please): a branded VR cardboard headset!. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, a branded VR cardboard headset is a perfect product for your brand. Unlike the rest of the list, this offers a completely immersive experience to the user; so you will be able to create not only an object with your company’s branding on it, but you can also take advantage of the visual and sound capabilities this can offer. The previous promotional products can only sport your name and logo, but the branded VR viewers allows you to also create content that can accompany your marketing campaign to increase consumer engagement.

And we’ve made it to the final item of the list!

What did you think about this ranking? Which items would you use for your campaign?

Let us know in the comments below!

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