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How we started

The big break was testing Google Cardboard after it’s release. In September 2014 Maxbox VR was born.

When we tried VR Cardboard we couldn’t put it down, the results were a domino effect of people wanting to buy and this made us want to improve on what was there.

The years have gone by quickly. Google released cardboard V1 in July 2014, we began selling cardboard V1 just a few months later in September 2014. Since this time, our company has grown not only in numbers, but more importantly in understanding what our customers need and how to provide it in the best way possible. We have grown to become the best selling Google Cardboard company in the world.

We have also developed our own models to accompany the needs of our customers, and have added a series of accessories that make the experience much more fun and engaging.

Last updated on August 13, 2021 by Maxbox VR