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V3.1 Flatpack

The Maxbox V3.1 is a flatpack VR viewer unit. It combines the benefits of the V2 Google cardboard and v1 Google cardboard together into one super unit.

We’ve designed the unit so that it has maximum branding opportunity and instructions are built into the design. The assembly is very quick and easy, the assembly time is now at 20 seconds and all parts are already glued and fixed in place so all you need to do is pop it into position.

Created with F-flute corrugated cardboard and coated paper on either side this unit offers resistance and a harder sleeve which makes it great for direct mailing. This unit is also fantastic for mobile VR viewing due to its large 34mm lenses.

The large branding real estate area makes this unit stand out from the rest, as well as the option to add an AR hole with a tear strip which adapts to different phone sizes. This is the only flat packed unit in the market that includes this possibility.

VR Slim

The VR Slim™ is our compact design in our flatpack ‘Pop-up’ VR range. With one of the lowest costs in the market this is a perfectly accessible unit for both low budget and high volume orders.

If you want to reach a wide audience with your content whilst keeping a strong, personalized, VR experience, this is for you.

The large 34 mm lenses on this unit are optimal for mobile VR viewing. This unit is created with card which gives it the ability to fold almost completely flat with super light weight.

We’ve designed our VR viewers so that they can fit neatly with a consumer goods product, so that it’s perfect for giveaways at events, in stores or for for very large scale marketing campaigns. Slim price, slim product, big impact.

V2.1 Flatpack

V2.1 has the benefits of the touch button you love on the Google cardboard v2.0 and comes as an easy to assemble flatpack package.

Like our other flat packed units it’s great as a transportable VR mailer for direct mail, and it’s an excellent gift for swag at conferences, tradeshows or to future clients and customers.

This units uses the large 34mm lenses, which is optimal for mobile VR viewing. It’s also created with coated paper which makes it lighter than a V2.0, If you are looking for a flatpack with the comfort of the touch button and great print opportunities this is the unit for you.

Nano VR

The Nano VR ™ is our most compact and economic unit created yet. This unit has been thought, designed and engineered specifically for high volume orders that require both a very low price point combined with a small flat unit, which shows versatility to accompany a wide variety of marketing campaigns.

Due to their folded size and weight they can be fitted into packages along with magazines, brochures, cups or other various promotional items.

And, the best part is that the reduced size and weight don’t take away the other assets of the unit, such as the high quality 34 mm lenses for a very immersive experience.

It’s also created with 400 gsm coated paper stock and it keeps the same quality of our offset print, being able to customise it depending on your needs.

Last updated on August 13, 2021 by Maxbox VR